5 Go-To Baby Shower Gifts

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Uh-oh. You just woke up this morning and realized that your friend from high school that's now your sister's second cousin, who married the football captain, is having her baby shower today.

Of course, you're out of time to go hunt down her registry and pick the last, scant remaining items on it, so what's a girl to do?

Pick up one of these tried-and-true “go-to” baby shower gifts, that's what! And trust me, you really can't go wrong with any of these. In fact, if you feel like picking up an extra one for me, I won't be mad at all …

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A giant box of diapers.

Unless you know specifically that the parents in question are actively against disposable diapers and foresee no occasion when they could ever possibly use a disposable diaper, this gift is not only fail proof, it is like man-manufactured gold. I promise you — even if you think this gift is boring, that mom-to-be will be thanking her lucky stars when a middle-of-the-night blowout occurs and she opens her closet to reveal that last, blessed box of diapers that you so kindly bestowed upon her.

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Slap a bow on a box, and you're the hit of the party, my friend.

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Soft, fuzzy blankets.

Summer or winter, nothing says “baby cuddles” like a soft and fuzzy blanket. The perfect blanket is easy to find, affordable, and will be treasured by parents in the years to come. Bonus points for a blanket with a soft and silky trim — that will seal the deal to make it the baby's favorite.

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A swaddle blanket.

Even if the parents in question are master swaddlers, there is nothing like the convenience of an easy-to-use swaddle blanket, especially for wrapping babies up in a sleep-deprived state. Go with a lighter fabric for summer babies and a warmer option, like fleece, for winter babies. The parents will love it.

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Cute baby shoes.


I mean, honestly, who can resist adorable baby shoes? They are completely impractical and the sort of thing that a new mom may feel silly for spending money on but would secretly love to have someone else spend money on.

My cousin bought our newborn daughter the most adorable pair of fuzzy boots. They are ridiculous and something I would never buy, but they are so cute. I was thrilled that someone else bought them for me. I mean her, her, of course. If you don't know the gender, pick up a pair of neutral slippers or baby mocs.

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A children's book.

You just can't go wrong with a good book — a lesson that applies to any age in life, really. I think that inscribing the inside of a book for baby is a nice touch, too. My kids still have books with special little messages in them from friends and family members we don't see a lot, and it's always nice to come across them when we are reading together.

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But because this is a popular “go-to” gift for baby showers, Alice Gomstyn cautions gift-givers to avoid the classics like I Love You Forever or Goodnight Moon. “Give new ones because people tend to give the classics on repeat!” she says.

What is your favorite go-to baby shower gift?

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5 Go-To Baby Shower Gifts

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  1. rachelle says:

    Diapers are a great gift but blankets and shoes are not. I got 30 blankets and like 15 pairs of shoes. I’ve never used the baby shoes and I use maybe 3 or 4 of the same blankets over and over. A good gift would be one they need and ask for, check their registry that’s what it’s there for. That was the most frustrating thing about my shower nobody seemed to even look at my registry. I ended up spending my own money after the fact buying the things I needed… And all this blankets are in a box in storage

  2. Kelly says:

    Into that it’s not good to have blankets for your baby, but when I had my first baby I literally received more than 50 blankets. What I needed most was things like diapers and clothes. My go to gift is a gift card for food. Even if it’s fast food it will come in handy when mom and dad aren’t able to cook or just too exhausted too. We received a few meals from friends, but not necessarily when we needed them most, and unfortunately my freezer meals didn’t freeze well.


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