5 Fun Free Halloween Printables

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When I first discovered that people actually took time to make pretty stuff on the Internet that non-crafty people like me could take for free and print out at home, I was pretty stoked.

I know I was way behind the times, but Pinterest + creative people + a working printer (a rare feat indeed) = my happy place. I am so no not crafty myself, but I appreciate when other people are.

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I've reaped many benefits from Pinterest's collection of free printables, such as a mileage log for my business, a menu planning guide, a weekly calendar, and festive house decor. But my favorite holiday printable to boot has to be the myriad of Halloween printables out there floating in free Internet land.

Image via Crazy Little Projects

I print this Halloween bingo card and matching tokens every single year and it's become our Halloween tradition to do before trick or treating. I just make sure to use popcorn or goldfish instead of candy before the big night!

Print for free from Crazy Little Projects

Image via Twocraftypaws.com

These spooky bottle labels will make your party guests question their drink of choice–and make your kids giggle!

Print for free from Twocraftypaws.com


This game is designed for preschoolers, but something tells me the whole family will enjoy letting the good times roll. Get it?

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Print out at 733blog.com


Everybody loves a good party banner and this free print + cut version is definitely my Halloween speed.

Print it out at The Celebration Shoppe

LD Halloween Coloring Page (c) Melonheadz Illustrating LLC 2014-2
Image via Melonheadz Illustrating

My kids ask me every single day to print out more Halloween coloring pages and because doing so buys me a solid 10 minutes of “free” time, I'm happy to oblige.

Print this one at MelonHeadz

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5 Fun Free Halloween Printables

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