5 Fit Moms To Follow On Instagram

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I admit that I am an Instagram addict. While I'm not so skilled at the photog skills myself, I love scrolling through everyone else's pictures and “mini” blogs.

I love how Instagram has something for everyone — food, digital scrapbooks for our kids, home decor, like-minded groups — and one of my favorite ways to use Instagram is for inspiration to stay healthy and fit. (Or, rather, to get started being healthy and fit.)

I love following other moms who provide lots of motivation to exercise, post ideas for healthy meals, and show that they know exactly how crazy it is to work and raise kids and make a healthy lifestyle a priority.

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These moms are making it happen, so follow along if you're looking for some “fitspiration!”

1. @fitparenting

I'm a big fan of Amanda Tress's account. She's an extremely fit mom of two who posts tons of motivational quotes, workout videos, and healthy meals and recipes, and I love how realistic her approach is to weight loss and healthy living for moms.

I've been looking into Amanda's Bikini Boot Camp to help me get ready for summer, and I'm so excited to have her help to get me the jumpstart I need to lose this baby weight.

Follow @fitparenting

2. @heatherquinn

Heather Quinn is another mommy who keeps things real and throws in a daily dose of fashion just for fun. I'm a big fan of following real mommies who get it and take a realistic approach to fitness, fashion, and parenting.

Follow @heatherquinn

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3. @leahcasefitness

I've followed Leah's account for a while now, and instead of being one of those annoyingly fit moms who humble brags about her #blessedlife and seemingly endless free time to workout, Leah is straight-up honest about her fitness journey.

This is a woman who was once overweight and came to a healthy lifestyle through hard work, dedication and, most importantly, learning that self-care and self-love are the keys to a healthy body.

I love her posts, with everything from workout inspiration and encouragement to mom truth bombs about those days when the kids are sick and you just can't work out. Leah keeps it real and motivating. Oh, and she also runs online Fitcamps if you need a little extra help in the fitness department. (Cough, me, cough.)

Follow @leahcasefitness

4. @ashleysfreshfix

This IG account is one of my favorites because Ashley is open with her own body image struggles. Instead of focusing on the perfect, thin body, she chooses to encourage other mothers to focus on health and self-care and loving their bodies by fueling them with real, healthy food.

I love that approach, and her photos of food are so drool worthy. I continue to follow her and hope someday I can cook like she can! She also just released her first cookbook, which is definitely worth the buy.

Follow @ashleysfreshfix

5. @chelsea.aaron

I follow this lovely mama like a true Instagram stalker, but I love how she lives life as a fellow mom of four — loving her kids and making pregnancy look good. She's not a dedicated fitness poster, but I find her feed so refreshing and encouraging to remind me to cherish my babies and get out there to live an active lifestyle.

Follow @chelsea.aaron

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Who are your favorite Instagrammers?

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5 Fit Moms To Follow On Instagram

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