5 Fabulous Celebrity Moms Who’ve Had Babies After 40

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More and more women are choosing to establish their careers and homes before bringing babies into the world. This means there are more moms who have their first babies at what experts call “advanced maternal age”, or 35 plus. Celebrities are no expectation, with many of today's biggest stars electing to have their first (or second, or third) baby after 40.

Here are some of the happy celebrity mamas who are staying young by having babies at 40 and beyond.

halle berry
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After dozens of roles (and two marriages) under her belt, Halle Berry decided it was time to add a baby to her life. In 2008, she gave birth to her first child, daughter Nahla, with then boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. In 2013, Halle gave birth to her second child — her son, Maceo, with husband Olivier Martinez — at 46 years old!

mariah carey
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With a career as long and successful as Mariah Carey's, it's no wonder she waited until she was 42 to start her family — or maybe she was just looking for Mr. Right. She found him (at least for a few years) in Nick Cannon, and she had her twins, Monroe and Morroccan, in 2011.

geena davis
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Geena Davis was an award winning actress before she was a mama. For her biggest accomplishment (I'm just guessing that her baby trumps her Oscar …) she waited until she was 46 years old! Geena gave birth to her first son, Alizeh, in 2002 and had twin boys two years later — when she was almost 50!

celine dion
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Her heart will go on! Celine brought two mini-me's into the world when she was 42 years old. Celine went through seven consecutive rounds of IVF with her husband, Rene Angelil, to conceive her twin sons. The twins were her second and third children; She concieved her oldest son, Rene-Charles, when she was 33, but struggled to get pregnant again. Late last year, she hinted that she may not be finished with babies. At 45 years old, the singer told the Mirror that she would love to have a girl.

kelly preston and john travolta
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Kelly Preston was in her early 30s when she had her first two children, Jett and Ella, with her husband, John Travolta. After her son's tragic death during a vacation in the Bahamas (the couple admitted he died from a seizure), Kelly and John were able to turn sorrow into joy with the birth of their third child, Benjamin. At the time, Kelly was 47 years old.

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How old were you when you had your first baby?

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5 Fabulous Celebrity Moms Who’ve Had Babies After 40

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