5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Baby Items

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Babies are expensive when you factor in all the things they need, and the things they don't really need, but that make life with a baby easier. I remember staring at the price tags while window-shopping for baby things while pregnant with my first child. I worried I wasn't going to be able to afford the newest and latest baby gear and had no clue on what was going to prove useful for day-to-day with a baby.

Now, with 8-years of baby gear experience behind me, I can now easily pick out which baby items are going to be useful and which ones are not really worth the money. When I was shopping for baby needs while pregnant with Silver, I was able to spend more money on some items because I have figured out there are some easy ways to save money on everyday baby things, leaving more in the budget for those more expensive things.

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Whether you're expecting your first baby or your fifth (and beyond), saving money on baby items is always useful and welcome. I mean, why spend more than you have to, right? Here are 5 ways you can save some cash on baby items leaving more room in your budget for other things:

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Go cloth

Cloth diapers and cloth wipes may sound intimidating at first, but think about all the money you'll be saving in the long run. The initial payment for a good stash of diapers may seem a little high, but when you factor the price across the 2+ years they will be in use, you save a lot.

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Ask for hand-me-downs

Kids grow out of clothes so fast, so if you ask me, there's no reason to buy all new clothing – especially for the first few months. Asking your family and friends for hand-me-down clothes and baby gear like swings and vibrating chairs can save you lots of money – and you can test out what is useful for your baby without forking out full price.

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Pick up only what you need

I bought all sorts of things when I was pregnant with my first child – a swing, vibrating chairs, toys, and a crib, but a few months later when he was born, he didn't care for most of those items. He wasn't one to sleep in his crib and we never used the expensive baby carrier I bought. My advice is to wait until after your baby is born to pick up those big-ticket items, that way you'll be able to find out what is really going to be useful for your baby. There's no need to have it all ready for your baby – they won't notice anyway.

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Go to mom swaps

Gone are the days of waiting for the weekends to search out garage sales in your area for baby items – that how it was done “back in my day”. Mom swaps and online garage sales are a great way to pick up gently used items or to be able to trade your useful item for another mother's – saving you both a lot of money.

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Pick up items that can last more than one baby

If you will be having more than one child, or considering the ‘maybe' of more than one, plan to purchase items that can last. Spending a little extra money for a higher quality product that's going to last through one baby and onto the next can save you, and your budget, from needing to re-purchase products. Find products that pack up for storage easily, fabric that can be removed, washed, and sanitized, and take care of your baby things while you have them and your bank statements will show it.

What tricks can you share for saving money while shopping for baby?

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Baby Items

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  1. Veronica says:

    unfortunatly ythis time around i wont be having a nursery since we are a family of four soon to be five living in a 2 bedroom house…but with my first n second i saved by having a three in one convertible grow with me crib where the the attached changing table/dresser could turn into a night night…rather than buying a crib , changing station and toddler bed seperatly….i used for my second child as well before passing it along..now im mad i got rid of all my baby stuff but its been ten years so im sure lots would probally been recalled by no anyways…another great item was my baby carrier..left me hands free to shop n do chores instead of lugging around a stroller everywhere taking up trunk space or breaking your back toting the car carrier…also save money y adding different sized diapers to your registry so family doesnt buy a dozen pcks of newborn that will be quikly outgrown

  2. Dark_lady says:

    Great article!
    Using cloth diapers helped me save a ton of money on my first baby, right now I started buying them while still pregnant and the investment wasn’t as impacting on the family budget.
    My husband bought the crib while I was still in the hospital with the baby and it was used as a storage space for a long time, because we were co-sleeping (and the baby only slept on my chest or in my arms for a long time, it had a crib/bed sensor 🙂 )
    Hand-me-downs helped me save lots of money and mommy swaps or buying items from Facebook groups also helped me not make a hole in the family budget.

  3. cassie says:

    I’m sorry, but is this author really trying to say that you should wait until after baby is born to buy a crib? what do you recommend until you get it, co sleeping? yes a lot of these ideas will work for moms to be that either have babies in the family already, or have friends with babies, but that one idea just sticks on me, how can you suggest not buying your big ticket items until you have your hands full with an infant?

    • diana says:

      You can buy a bassinet or small side bed for your baby. My son is going on 11wks and still sleeps in his bassinet. We bought our crib and everything large for our nursery and had it all decorated before he was born, the crib is currently being used to store the 20 blankets i got from my baby shower since everyone bought me one since i was due in Dec. So buying a crib can definitely wait if you don’t want to stress about it while pregnant.

  4. Moyo says:

    Thanks for the insight


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