5 Coloring Books You’ll Want To Steal From Your Kids

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Coloring books are all the rage right now and I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a teensy bit in love with it. There are not a lot of “kid” things I get excited about as a parent, but coloring and looking through my girls' American Girl catalogues are definitely right up there.

Plopping down on the floor with the kiddos after a long day or killing some time in the pre-dinner witching hour is just a wonderful (and totally simple) way to spend some quality time together.

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So pick up one of these coloring books “for the kids”, steal it, and watch your little one beam with happiness to spend time with you while you de-stress and enjoy some relaxation time together. Your secret is safe with us!

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Um, who doesn't love Anne of Green Gables? This is a book filled with all of your favorite Anne of Green Gables quotes, making it fun for you to browse–and fun for the kids to color. Win-win!

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The Secret Garden combines your love of this famous literary classic, with your kid's love of hunting for treasure. Every page features intricate, beautiful details to color, along with tiny garden creatures just waiting for your kids to discover.


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Who doesn't love butterflies, right? Your kids will love finding these butterflies and making them come to life with their own colors.


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Sure, this book is touted as for adults, but we all know that your kids will exclaim over the beautiful illustrations of all of their favorite animals. Enjoy this book together on a rainy afternoon!


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Um, how did I not know such a gem existed? An adult coloring book featuring all your kids' favorite Disney characters? You just won parenting, my friend.


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Do you like to color with your kids?

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5 Coloring Books You’ll Want To Steal From Your Kids

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