5 Of The Best Apps For New Moms

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Babies come with a lot of responsibility.

Perhaps that goes without saying, but when I first became a parent, I could never have dreamed about how much my brain would expand to incorporate all of the tasks that become natural to me on a day-to-day basis. A peek into my flow of thinking these days may go something like this:

“Ok, the baby's turning two months, better make a doctor's appointment for her and next week's her baptism, better send out some invitations and check Pinterest for some good recipes. And the oldest has school pictures on Friday, don't forget to get her a new outfit, oh, and better schedule that dentist appointment so her teeth look squeaky clean and hey, did I pay the sitter yesterday and I need to work out today, have I lost any of the baby weight, oh, don't forget to ask the doctor about that weird spot, and did the baby poop yet today?! Oh, she just pooped now, never mind. Is that a normal color for baby poop?!”

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Quite frankly, it's exhausting.

Luckily for me–and maybe for other frazzled mothers `round the world–I've collected some of the best apps that can help us in this crazy world of parenting. Click through to find out some of my favorites–and some suggestions from other moms!

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Have you ever wished there was an app where you could store all of your kids' important information–like passports, medical records, and report cards AND the simple, everyday stuff of life, like that beautiful picture your three-year-old colored this morning? (I think it's a whale?) Well, KidsLink does just that. This app is so cool because it creates separate profiles for each of your kids and it allows you to securely share any of the information that you need with only people you select. So, for instance, Grandma can see your daughter's latest update, but not the entire world. It's also a great tool for co-parenting, as each parent can exchange information and milestones. One mom called this app her own “personal assistant.” Cool, right?

KidsLink is an invitation-only app. Readers can request an invitation by visiting mykidslink.com

Image via cindyandjana.com


The NuuNest app is the perfect app for new mothers, especially when it comes to all of those pesky, little questions that pepper our days like, “How often should she be eating again?” or “Is this color poop normal?” They're the kind of things that you can't exactly call your pediatrician every 0.2 seconds about and yet trying to hunt through the hordes of information on the Interwebs to find the right answer can be impossible. So, enter this app, developed by Registered Nurses and Board Certified Lactation Specialists, to help you find answers to everything for the newborn stage for baby–and for you.

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Learn more + download here. (Oh and pssst: this app is free now through November 8!!)

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Personally, I'm a fan of doing “to do” lists the old-fashioned way–a simple pen and paper and I'm a happy girl. It sounds crazy, but I tend to forget it if it's in my phone and not staring me smack dab in the face. But the modern mom pretty much needs some kind of go-to to-do list app, and the Any.do app came highly recommended to me by a fellow mom, who swears, “Any.do helps me remember things to do each day. Pretty sure parenting rotted my brain a little bit!”

Learn more + download here.

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Fellow writer mom Lacy of Living on Love recommended the VSCO Cam app for taking professional-looking photos of the kids. Whether you're a blogger or just enjoy showing off your kids Instagram-style, this app is worth looking into. I've already sent myself the link to download, because confession: all of the pictures on my phone are horribly blurry and grainy. Oops.

Learn more + download here.

Image via The Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app has won almost every type of award you can think of for the best in parenting apps. According to its website, the app is based on over 35 years of research and describes every sort of mental, developmental, and physical milestone your baby will go through, with reminders and easy-to-understand language. “The Wonder Weeks reminds me of leaps and growth spurts,” says mom-of-one Melissa Schartz. “This way if our days are wonky, I can empathize with my little one and have a little more patience.”

Learn more + download here.


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Do you have any parenting apps you love?

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5 Of The Best Apps For New Moms

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