5 Best Apps To Capture Your Baby’s First Year

5 Best Apps To Capture Baby's First Year Main

There are four pictures of me when I was a baby. I suspect it was the third child syndrome, but it was also 1976 — before the existence of smartphones, the Internet, Instagram, and a myriad of other photo and memory-capturing apps.

As mothers in this tech-riddled time, we really have no excuse to miss out on capturing all those lovely, big, and small moments of our baby's first year. However, we have another problem: How do we keep all the photographs and videos organized into one coherent place? How do we make these memories tangible — something we can have and hold — something that will not get lost in the great virtual Cloud?

I did some research, and here are some options for apps to capture memories, put them in one place, and in some cases, transfer them from digital to actual items, like photo books.


Blinkbuggy offers parents a new solution that allows them to easily and privately log their children's lives from birth, through first steps, and on to adulthood.

The Blinkbuggy app allows parents to capture moments as they happen, add funny or touching quotes, and record milestones through the Notes section. You can securely upload your pictures through a Blinkbuggy account, which you register for on their website. Parents can choose to share their memories with friends and family or keep them private. If you choose to share, you can even send printed postcards directly from the app.

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mementobox is a virtual baby journal, a digital way to capture and preserve the memories of your baby's birth and first year. “Capture, store, and share photos, media, and memories to transform your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate digital scrapbook.” As the developers point out, “because mementobox is on your phone, you can record milestones instantly, and it will always be on hand, so you won't miss a single moment of your baby's development.”

The app is divided into three sections: My Birth, My First Year, and My World.

My Birth records pregnancy photos, ultrasound scans, and Baby's birth story, and parents can even take photos of Baby's first visitors and allow them to leave messages. My First Year records Baby's major milestones in both photographic and text records. You can even keep track of health information to have that info handy at doctor visits.

My World is really fun. It allows you to link to external media, such as newspapers and film trailers. It can even add photos and videos of baby's house, street, and hometown.



Chatbooks is a great app. It allows you to print gorgeous photo books at an affordable rate. At the price of 60 pages for $6 with free shipping, it's an amazing deal!

The books measure 6″x6″ and come with beautiful matte covers and perfect binding.

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According to the creators, “Kidfolio is a baby tracker and digital scrapbook for parents. It's the simplest way for parents to track everything about their baby from growth, immunizations, precious first memories and more.”

Some of the app's highlights include comprehensive health tracking, such as providing growth charts and letting you keep track of immunizations. It also displays a timeline of your child's moments, and not just of photos, but videos and audio clips as well.



A fine, modern journal and photo-a-day app, Collect transforms your photos into rich, ever-lasting memories.

Aside from dating your photos, you can add captions and detailed notes for each picture. It's like journaling or microblogging your baby's first year, so you won't forget a thing.

Want to share your baby's progress with family and friends? You can easily create and share monthly collages, and send them to DropBox or Flickr.

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What are your favorite apps to capture your baby's first year?

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5 Best Apps To Capture Your Baby’s First Year

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