5 Benefits Of Having Siblings

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There are a lot of things I've done wrong as a parent.

But giving my kids siblings is definitely not one of them. I like to think that having this little clan of people has some major benefits for them — and for the whole family.

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More kids = more hands on deck, in my book. Whether it be a helping hand for me (because, let's face it, what mom can't appreciate an extra set of hands??) or a big sibling to hold the hand of a younger sibling, sometimes, family means working together. And no one teaches that lesson faster than a sibling!

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When we recently went into my second daughter's kindergarten evaluation, I was stunned when her teacher told us that she was more than prepared academically because -confession – I hadn't done anything with her at home since we welcomed a new baby at the start of the preschool year.

“You'd be surprised at what she picks up from her big sister,” the teacher said knowingly. And I realized that she was so right. Every spelling test we practiced for, every math worksheet we did at home — there's always a little one listening in and learning, too. 

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With my second child starting kindergarten in the fall, I have to admit that I feel a lot better knowing that her big sister will be just a few classrooms down. Knowing that she has an instant friend at school is a relief to my worrying mother's heart.

Come what may, I know they will be friends (and, yes, they will fight) hopefully for life. My siblings are still my best friends, and I hope for that gift for my children as well.

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I admit that when I was a brand-new mom of one that I would often start the morning with a slight feeling of panic and dread. What on earth would I do all day with my baby? Was she bored out of her mind just staring at my ugly mug all day?

Luckily, with multiple children, I never have to worry about my kids getting bored anymore. There's always a built-in playmate, and as for the baby? It's basically dinner and a show every night.

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Nothing makes me happier than hearing my children laugh and giggle together. Even though they will inevitably squabble and fight over the most ridiculous things (this morning, it was an empty candy wrapper, of all things), I know that they have the most fun together.

And in those moments when I catch sight of them, heads pressed together and pure, innocent laughter filling the air? Well, those are the moments that I feel like, no matter how badly I may mess up this parenting gig, at the very least, I have given them each other. 

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5 Benefits Of Having Siblings

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