5 Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

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I have never really been someone who loves games at parties–it's a feat to get me to go to a party, so the idea of engaging with games and activities is just, well, not me. I know that unless I am the person of honor, it doesn't matter what I want, because the point is to celebrate the person of honor, not make me comfortable at all times. Being an introvert with a touch of shyness, games at events like baby showers are not my thing, which means, when it came to my baby shower where I was the person of honor, we skipped the games altogether.

I have been to a handful of baby showers, some were memorable, thanks to fun themes, and others were fun due to the amazing guests in attendance. I always seem to rate the fun factor of baby showers based on the games and activities set up for the partygoers. Not to be a Grinch, but I am probably one of the harder-to-impress attendees, but not all baby shower games are lame, there are some, like the following, that even I love to play.

Check out the 5 baby shower games everyone will love, even your most challenging guest.

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Celebrity Mom Trivia

This game is just as it sounds–your guests test their celebrity-mom trivia. You can write trivia questions down on index cards that include such gems as “Which celebrity mom has a twin boy and girl named Emme and Max?” Whoever guesses J-Lo wins a point for that round. The guest who has the most points at the end of the game wins a door prize.

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Gender Reveal Vote

When your guests arrive, have them write down on a card their vote for which gender you're expecting–if you're planning to reveal at the baby shower. Keep a tally scoreboard up or have each person wear their vote on their clothing like a button for when the time comes to reveal. The winning team wins something fun.

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Guess the Baby

This game could go two ways: the first one is you have the parents-to-be's baby photos on display–a handful from each of them–and place them scattered on a table, but numbered. Each guest has a piece of numbered paper and guesses which photos belong to which parent-to-be.

The second way, you have each guest bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby and/or young child and have each attendee guess who is who.

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Onesie Decorating

This activity is my favorite by miles for a baby shower because it's not only fun for the guest, but it's a useful activity that will help the parents-to-be and baby. The host buys a lot of blank, white, or solid light-color onesies and decorating supplies like fabric markers and glue. Guests compete to make the best-decorated onesie to win a prize. The bonus: the parents-to-be get to keep the onesies to dress their loved baby.

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Sound Advice

There is a similar bridal shower game where the guests share sound advice for marriage, but this game, the guests share advice for the parents-to-be and tips they'll need to raise children. It's fun for the guests to think of the best advice, and it's something the parents can read over and over as they parent.

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What is your favorite baby shower game?

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5 Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

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  1. Michele says:

    My particular group of friends aren’t so much in to the baby shower games. *sad Face* However, since we have yet to pick out the name, we have will have a jar of name suggestions. We are also doing a Diaper Raffle, each pack of diapers gets you an entry to win a gift card.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love the onesie decorating game. That sounds awesome! What materials do you need to get for decorating aside from the onesies themselves?

  3. Kristi says:

    I like the baby onesie decoration game, sounds awesome. I’m all for the games! I liked tasting the baby food and guessing what the flavor was, or “my water broke” game little plastic babies in an IceCube tray frozen and put in a cup if water, first to melt say my water broke and wins a prize! There are some pretty cool games out there! I’m going to try s couple if these for mine!!! 🙂


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