4 of the Most Unusual Ways to Commemorate Your Baby’s Birth

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There are many ways to commemorate your baby's birth from those precious first footprints to saving your baby's hospital bracelet. But, some moms go the extra mile to honor their baby's arrival.

Check out 4 of the most unique and interesting ways to document and remember the birth of a baby.

breastmilk ring for birth memories mothers gift
Image via Mommy Milk Creations

A Milky Stone

Take a closer look at this lovely ring. It could be grandmother's antique moonstone but it's actually made from a mom's own breast milk. If the old-fashioned look is not your style, pearls, hearts, and even tiny footprints can be fashioned from the milk that sustained your baby in his first months. Check out Mommy Milk Creations to see the range of options.

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Your Precious Gem:

It's responsible for the sparkle in your eye, one of your most precious possessions, and something you love to look at daily. That may be the way you describe your baby or it may be the way you describe a gorgeous diamond. Or, it could be the way you describe a diamond made from a part of your baby – namely, his umbilical cord.

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m uc ring
Image via Beyond the Willow Tree

The Tie That Binds

You were connected to your baby for nine special months. You provided your baby with all she needed to grow and thrive through the umbilical cord, which provided a special bond between you and your child. After your baby is born the cord is cut but there are plenty of options to keep your memories of the special bond the umbilical cord provided close at hand. Have bits of the cord turned into a Jungle Ring or a Keepsake Charm with the parts of the cord used to make your baby's initial.

More of a DIY Mom? Follow these instructions to make your own umbilical cord heart charm.

placenta art print mommy gift
Image via Portland Placenta Services

The Tree of Life:

Your baby's placenta was her life force for the entire time you were pregnant. It was, without a doubt, her tree of life, nourishing her until she made it safely into your arms. Why not honor the special role the placenta played for all to appreciate with a suitable-for-framing work of art made from the placenta. Tree, flower, or more abstract designs are possible. You can send your placenta off to an artist experienced in placental art or make your own.

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4 of the Most Unusual Ways to Commemorate Your Baby’s Birth

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