4 Toddler Fights That Aren’t Worth Having

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Toddlers love to push our buttons. They're at that perfect age where they want to do what they want when they want, but they don't really have the communication skills or brainstorming abilities to make their wishes known.

That means we as parents often find ourselves butting heads with the wants and desires of our very demanding toddlers. When trying to find the balance between discipline and sticking our grounds, we also need to know how and when to pick and choose our battles.

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In my experience in raising toddlers, there are four main fights that really aren't worth having:

What They Wear

If your toddler is anything like mine, they have a very particular sense of fashion. One day, it's tutus and socks, and the next day, it's jeans and a sweater.

As long as there aren't any health or safety issues around what they've chosen to wear and it's not going to overheat them or make them too cold, it's not worth the fight.

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What They Eat

Most parents want to make sure their toddler is eating healthy and has access to proper nutrition, but often, the toddler has a different idea of what they want to eat.

Getting into an argument with your toddler over eating their broccoli isn't worth it, because the more you push, the more they're going to push back. If you're worried they're going to starve if they refuse to eat, don't worry — they won't starve themselves. That doesn't mean you have to give in and give them macaroni and cheese when you're serving spaghetti with spinach either, though.

Using the Potty

What comes out of your toddler is really their business, and pushing them to use the potty is going to backfire. Yes, it would be nice to be done with diapers, but if you want to make sure your toddler really transitions, you'll want to wait until they are ready.

It's not like you can offer an ultimatum because when and how and where they relieve themselves is really their own domain. Nothing will jinx your efforts more than being overzealous and pushy!

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Saying “Bye” or Giving Hugs

Manners are important, and the sooner you make them a thing for your toddler, the more likely they are to stick to them. But not all manners are important at this age.

If your toddler chooses not to wave goodbye or doesn't want to give someone a hug, it's not worth the fight to make them. I don't think we should ever force our children to hug or kiss (even the grandparents) because teaching them that their body is their own is important.

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What battles with your toddler do you choose to let go? Share in the comments!


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4 Toddler Fights That Aren’t Worth Having

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