4 Things You Need to Do If It’s Your Last Pregnancy

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When I was a little girl, I envisioned my adult life with a partner and five children. I don't know why I settled on that number, but it was always five. As I got older, it didn't change, and when I met my now-husband and I got to the point of discussing how many children we could see in our future, it was still five.

When all was said and done, we settled on three kids — had three children and realized there was still someone missing. When I was finally pregnant (and the pregnancy was going well) with my fourth child, I knew it was likely going to be my last. And I love being pregnant, so I wanted to savor it all.

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The last pregnancy is a little special — just like the first one. It's closing a chapter of life, and there are so many things I wanted to remember about pregnancy. If you're on your last pregnancy or think you will be, here are 4 things I think you should make sure you do before your baby is born so you can make it a little more special.

Get professional maternity portraits done.

If you can afford to get professional photos taken, do it! You may not feel the most beautiful, but pregnancy is beautiful and so wonderful to document. If you don't have the funds, see if a friend or family member can do a fun photo shoot with you! Go the whole nines with makeup, hair, and a cute wardrobe, and try different settings and have an amazing day being the star of the show.

Take weekly photos at home.

There will be a time where you will want to look back at these pictures when your kids are older and you want to reminisce– I promise you. So make sure you take weekly photos if you can to show the growth progress of your incredible body. Or, at the very least, try to strive for once-a-month photo updates. Your kids will love to look at these when they get older, too, and you'll marvel at how much your body changed during that time.

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Book your babymoon.

It's like a honeymoon but during your pregnancy, and if it's your last pregnancy and you have older children at home, this may be your last chance. Instead of sipping cocktails on the beach, you'll be sipping on mocktails, but you'll still have a fantastic, relaxing time.

Have a baby shower.

Sure, etiquette says you can only have a baby shower if it's your first baby, but I am in the “all children deserve to be showered” camp and especially so if it's your last baby. Chances are you have some of the needed items for newborn-hood, but your youngest should have a few things that are just theirs. Also, moms deserve to be showered, too, because, in some ways, next pregnancies are more challenging than the first ones.

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What is something you'd recommend to someone pregnant with their last child? Share in the comments!

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4 Things You Need to Do If It’s Your Last Pregnancy

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