4 Things to Have on Hand While Breastfeeding a Newborn

breastfeeding a newborn
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The only thing you really need to breastfeed your baby is, well, your breasts. When you breastfeed exclusively (not counting pumping the occasional bottle), you don't need anything extra. That doesn't mean there aren't a few things that are great to have on hand while you're nursing your baby, especially during the first few weeks when your baby will be nursing constantly (or at least it feels like it!).

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Here are a few of my favorite must-have accessories to have on hand while you're giving your baby a healthy start.

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Nursing bras are, of course, a must for breastfeeding mamas. I am here to tell you that nursing bras are one of these two things: comfortable or pretty. You can only choose one. Thankfully, nursing bras are only a temporary piece of clothing, so just enjoy the comfort while you have an excuse.

Although you can get all types of styles, from strapless to racerback, my favorite kind was the soft sleeping bras (like the ones pictured above) that are simple and comfortable.

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We love our Boppy at my house–so much, in fact, that I took it with me while I was in the hospital for both babies. Boppy pillows are not only great for supporting your arms (not the baby's head) while you're getting the hang of breastfeeding, but they are also great for tummy time when your baby gets older and she's learning how to sit up. I've even been known to use it myself as I'm laying in bed, reading, or watching TV!

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Burp cloths are cute, but for my money, receiving blankets are the way to go. Throw one over your shoulder while you're burping your baby, keep them handy for wiping excess milk or spit up off your arms and clothes, or cover up your little one while he's having a midnight snack. They are lightweight, fold up in your diaper bag, and are easy to wash.

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Staying hydrated while you're breastfeeding is extremely important. You should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, plus eat fruits and veggies with excess water to help hydrate your body. Breastfeeding may also make you very hungry (you will burn about 400 extra calories while you're breastfeeding), so having snacks on hand will be helpful.

Buy a big insulated mug, like the one pictured above, and keep it filled and close to your favorite chair while you nurse your baby. Also, keep a small basket of healthy snacks like granola, almonds, or peanut butter and crackers, so when hunger strikes during a marathon nursing session, you'll be ready.

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What other essentials do you need to have on hand while you nurse your baby?

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4 Things to Have on Hand While Breastfeeding a Newborn

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