4 Single Parent Perks

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Being a single parent isn't easy. There's late nights, early mornings, endless sibling fighting, and you have to tackle it all totally solo. But it's not all last-minute school projects and budget woes. Here are four reasons being a single parent may not be so bad after all.

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ALL the Netflix

You may have to hear Paw Patrol and Animal Mechanicals all day long, but once the kids are in bed, it's a free-for-all. If I want to binge-watch Gilmore Girls for the third time or watch A Walk to Remember four times in a row, I can. I don't even have to suffer through seeing Forest Gump for the 10th time just in the name of fairness. Bonus: The “Recommended for You” section on all my streaming platforms is actually full of shows I want to watch.

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The mess can wait

As the only person over 5″ tall and able to legally drink, I get to the be general of my household. While I'm also the designated activities coordinator, bedtime setter, and chore enforcer, this means I have the sole authority to admit defeat after a really crappy day. I can leave the house a mess with toys everywhere and dishes in the sink, snuggle up under the covers, and try again tomorrow — all without hearing a peep about the overflowing laundry pile or why we don't have any clean cups.

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Total grocery shopping freedom

My first post-divorce grocery shopping trip was one of the highlights of my life. After years of trying to figure out how to balance the nutritional needs and junk food wants of two adults on a limited budget and forgoing my favorite expensive OJ so he could have his Little Debbie cakes, I had a blast. I wandered up and down every aisle and filled my cart with frozen white pizzas, organic free-range chicken, and enough watermelons for a family reunion — with no bologna or Hamburger Helper in sight, and I still do.

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Small things get big thanks

The older my children get, the more they recognize how hard I work and the sacrifices I make to ensure their lives run smoothly. Even something as small as a $2 a week allowance, renting their favorite movie, or going out for ice cream generates a chorus of “You're the best mom ever!” “We're so lucky!” and “This is my favorite day of my entire life!” And being the only adult here means I get all the credit.

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What have you grown to love about single parenting?

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4 Single Parent Perks

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