4 Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipes For Pregnancy

summer smoothie recipes
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I am fighting the battle of the bulge this pregnancy.

Call me crazy, but there's just something about the heat, the fact that I am always sweating – even in air conditioning – and that even the mere mention of heavy, greasy foods makes me feel like I'm back in the first trimester morning sickness pit of despair again, but I want cool, refreshing sweets.

And I want them now.

Unfortunately, and perhaps because he's looking out for my best interest, my husband has put a veto on my plan to go out for ice cream every single night (he's such a party pooper), so instead, I've been eyeing up some delicious summer smoothie recipes that can satisfy my sweet tooth cravings–and not add to my already unbelievably gravity-defying waistline.

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Image via Cookie Monster Cooking

Vanilla Mango Smoothie

If you think this smoothie looks like a beautiful thing, I'd have to agree with you. And I absolutely love that it's not your typical banana-and-strawberry smoothie (fond as I am of the duo). This recipe is full of fresh flavors like ginger and is also packed with protein and healthy spinach so it could even help keep you full of the good stuff. (And help that growing baby get some great nutrients!)

Find the whole recipe at Cookie Monster Cooking.

Image via Natasha's Kitchen

Tropical Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Oh my gosh, I'm practically drooling just thinking about this smoothie–is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than the fresh taste of pineapple? Yum. This smoothie balances sour and sweet with mango and pineapple and adds in a sprinkle of flax seed to keep things extra healthy.

Find the whole recipe at Natasha's Kitchen.

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Image via Saved By Grace

Chai Tea Smoothies

I'm slightly obsessed with Chai Tea. I love drinking it at all times of the year, especially doused with honey, so of course, in the hot summer months, I can always find a good excuse to hit up the coffee shop for my favorite iced chai tea drinks. Which is why I can't wait to try this chai tea smoothie recipe. Although this recipe calls for a sugar substitute, you could easily swap regular sugar or my honey trick to sweeten it up. And don't forget to go decaf for an extra boost of preggo-friendliness!

Find the whole recipe at Saved By Grace

Image via Creme de la Crumb

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

Well, if that doesn't look like heaven in a glass, I'm not sure what does. Because wow. This palate-pleasing smoothie has no added sugar and is vegan-friendly and pregnant-mama approved. And, surprisingly enough, it's actually super easy and only requires a total of three ingredients! (Not counting my growling tummy, of course.)

Get the whole recipe at Creme de la Crumb.

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Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Which of these sounds most delicious to you?

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4 Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipes For Pregnancy

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