4 Real and Fun Stories of (Over) Prepping for Baby 

Everything about pregnancy is kind of on the strange and unusual side. Yes, it's a natural thing to become pregnant and, well, totally necessary to continue our species, but it's weird nonetheless. Watching your body change shape, feeling something grow and move, oh, and the dealing with the strange instincts that kick in at the same time, too? Weird.

One of the weirdest instincts has to be the whole “nesting” thing. Sometimes defined as a “pre-labor ritual that helps get your home ready for the baby and helps you pass the time,” apparently humans are not the only ones who go into over-drive to make sure everything's ready.

I've been through this phenomenon four times now, and even still, it's something I swore wasn't going to happen. And the next thing I knew, I was all emotional because I just had to clean out the freezer before the baby was born. It's not like I was going to really need the freezer, and I wasn't planning on cleaning it so I could stock it full of pre-cooked meals I could just heat up. Nope. It was one of those things I couldn't understand, and looking back, it was a total over-prep for baby.

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I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this crazy over-nesting either. It's a story almost all pregnant women, and their partners and friends, have from pregnancy. And to anyone who is not in the moment pregnant, these experiences may all sound like spending time and energy just to over-prepare, but these stories are always fun to read. Click through to read four peoples' stories of pregnant women who, perhaps, have done some over-prepping of their own.

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“Looking back, it's kind of embarrassing how insane I was. I had a closet full of clothes for my first son–literally everything he needed from premature (just in case) to age 2. You know, in case he was a giant or I couldn't get to the store for a few years. And I ironed EVERYTHING. Brand new clothes with tags? I ironed them. The ironing board stayed in my room for months so I could stay on top of the new clothes I would get as gifts.”

— Tina Davis, Owner of Kindred Marketing Company

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“Alysia is now expecting her first child this August and has recently partnered with Safe Kids World Wide, a foundation raising awareness on the number-one killer of children: preventable injuries. In preparations for her baby, Alysia has gone on a rampage updating her house, installing a new forced air heating system fit with an air purifier, re-piping the home to copper pipes, landscaping the backyard, mounting the TV, and upgrading the flooring. Alysia is now in the cleaning phase and is using nothing but organic and eco-friendly products, just like her diet.”

— Louis Monta?o, sports agent for Olympian Alysia Montano


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“My friend Meg Caswell (Season Six Winner of HGTV's Design Star) has a funny story. She, herself, just gave birth, and she told me that she nested out of control. I guess when you are an interior designer/DIY expert, that may happen. You should see her nursery. And surprisingly, she said she went through her kitchen with a fine-tooth comb during her nesting. She made a punch list of all of the utensils, devices, and dishes she needed to make the kitchen absolutely complete (I am talking MUST HAVE garlic press).”

— Orly Telisman, PR rep for Meg Caswell

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“My ex-husband was not the best when it came to helping me out in the kitchen, so the thought of having a new baby and still having to cook, clean, and load/unload the dishwasher non-stop was a stressful thought to me. His excuse when I asked for help was always, ‘I don't know where anything goes!' So I went and bought a label maker (it was 1999, so it was not a fancy one like they sell now, but the one you had to click into place for each letter), and I labeled every single shelf in the kitchen–pots, pans, plates, mixing bowls, Tupperware, etc. My crazy nesting thought was that if he KNEW where everything went, then he would help me. Yeah, that didn't work … and the labels started peeling off before the baby was even born!”

— Valerie DeLoach, parenting/blended-family blogger, Our New Party of Six

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Do you have any over-the-top nesting stories?

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4 Real and Fun Stories of (Over) Prepping for Baby 

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  1. Charlin says:

    Yup! For my 1st pregnancy I did the whole nesting thing mainly in my last trimester in my son’s nursery. Had to have everything organized and washed ahead of time. My husband also helped with the washing and folding of baby clothes. But now during my 2nd pregnancy, My nesting instincts have taken over really early in my 2nd trimester! I’ve thrown things away, replaced my computer, moved furniture and cleaned my office at work. Oh, I am obsessed with wiping my stuff and desk down everyday. At home, forget about it! Since I’m super exhausted and busy with a toddler when I get home from work, most of my nesting projects are thrown on my husband. The guest bathroom needed remodeling, the living room paint & kitchen needs touching up and our garage needs to be reorganzied. Its like spring cleaning boot camp! But seeing things come together is so soothing… Aaahhhh.

  2. casey says:

    I constantly just want to buy and buy clothing for my son and ts like an addiction!!!

  3. Misty says:

    I only washed and refolded my son’s clothes and blankets about eight times before he was born (plus cleaning the dresser each time). I nearly drove myself crazy trying to get all of them perfect looking and germ free!


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