4 Natural Headache Remedies for Pregnancy

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I am one of those fortunate people who rarely get headaches, unlike the majority of my family members, who all suffer from debilitating headaches. Honestly, I don't know how they deal with them, because as rare as headaches are for me, I haven't escaped unscathed my whole life because there is one time that I am especially prone to headaches. And that is, of course, when I'm pregnant. 

Call it the onslaught of hormones, call it a cascade of stress, or lack of sleep. But whatever it may be, pregnancy = headaches for me. 

Unfortunately, this, my fourth pregnancy, has been the worst as far as headaches go. I've seemed to have headache after headache, especially in the beginning of the pregnancy. In order to make it through the day without tucking myself into bed forever, I definitely popped a few Tylenol early on, until of course, the infamous Tylenol study came out and made me feel incredibly guilty. 

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So to put my momma guilt at ease, I dug up some all-natural remedies to help me deal with a headache during pregnancy. 

eye pack
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Cooling ice pack

Don't underestimate the power of a simple cold pack. These eye-mask shaped ice packs may look foolish, but they are actually incredibly effective for a headache, especially if you can combine them with a quick nap and a darkened room … Ahhhh. I found this one at Walgreens.com

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Take your bra off

Surprisingly enough, the cause behind your pregnancy headache may be as simple as the additional weight in your bra. Many of us expecting mothers are wary to rush out and purchase brand-new bras, but the extra cup size, combined with ill-fitting, too-tight straps, may cause increased tension in our neck and shoulders, leading to—you guessed it—a massive headache. You may want to ask your partner to throw in a massage, too, just for good measure. 

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peppermint oil
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Peppermint oil

There has been some evidence that peppermint oil can be effective for treating headaches, especially tension headaches. And although there haven't been enough studies to show that using peppermint oil on your skin or even ingesting it is safe during pregnancy, you may find aromatherapy helpful. Just put 2–3 drops in warm water to inhale. 

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Try reflexology

The famous Dr. Oz recommends trying a few reflexology points to help with a headache, and lucky for us pregnant gals, they're completely all-natural. He recommends circling the big toes with your thumbs or running a warm rag between your big toes to relieve the stress. 

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What's your best tip for dealing with pregnancy headaches?

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4 Natural Headache Remedies for Pregnancy

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I get a lot of sinus headaches so staying hydrated ,some salin nose spray and a humidifier help me.


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