4 Little-Known Technologies That Help Women Get Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is not always the “drink some wine, hop in the sack, and pray” technique it used to be.

These days, getting pregnant can come down to an exact science, and for couples trying to conceive, technology can make all the difference.

Take a look at some of these little-known technologies that can actually help couples looking to welcome a new addition to their families!

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The Eeva Test

For couples who are choosing IVF, the Eeva Test actually uses all kinds of scientific formulas to see which embryos are “the best,” upping couples' chances of implanting a viable embryo.

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As most couples trying to conceive know, there is a very short window for actually getting pregnant every month. Contrary to what some people think, a woman is fertile only a few days of month, so technology that can help her pinpoint her most fertile days can help her plan for intimacy on those days and increase her chances of getting pregnant.

However, data collection can be hard, and let's face it — it can ruin the mood. So one interesting piece of technology aims to make the process easier for women. You simply insert the OvuRing once a month, and it automatically collects and analyzes data right on your phone, easily showing you your most fertile times of month.

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As cool as this one is, it's not on the market yet. This makes the future of fertility management pretty bright, though.

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Ovia Fertility App

Ovia Fertility is an app that uses individual and customized data to help couples conceive three times faster than the national average. The company behind the app says they've helped 350,000 women get pregnant. It also connects to fitness apps to incorporate nutrition and exercise into a woman's complete journey to having the best start into pregnancy.

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KNOWHEN(R) Saliva Fertility Monitor

While most apps and monitors use data that tracks a woman's temperature fluctuations to pinpoint her most fertile times, this fertility monitor does things a bit differently. It uses — wait for it — your spit. Apparently, the salt in a woman's saliva actually changes when she ovulates, so the Saliva Fertility monitor gives you the tools you need to spit on a slide, look at it under a microscope, and see for yourself if you are ovulating. Crazy.

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Did you use any technology to help you conceive?

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4 Little-Known Technologies That Help Women Get Pregnant

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