4 Easy and Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids

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It is summer, and you know what that means–getting the kids outside to play! There are many outdoor activities for the younger ones that require little or no expense and setup right in your own backyard or front lawn. A few experienced moms offer some great ideas for just getting out the door and playing.

Bonus: When the weather is less than perfect, you can take a few of these activities indoors, too.

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“The kids love them because it's easy to blow bubbles, they're a little bit magical, and they love to chase them as they float away. I love them because it is cheap, can be made at home when you run out of solution, and they don't get the kids dirty.”
Greta, mom of four

“I love that we can make our own bubbles. Add one cup of dish washing soap to one gallon of warm water. An extra two to three tablespoons of glycerin (available at your local pharmacy) is the secret to super-big bubbles. Pour the concoction into a flat, rimmed tray, like a sheet-cake pan, and dip in a large DIY wand, made by bending a wire hanger into a loop.”
Tonya, mom of two

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“I love this very simple, yet timeless childhood activity because it is inexpensive, fun, and [it] gets children outside, can involve the whole family, or an entire park. Plus, it provides perfect photo ops!”
Tonya, mom of two
Images via Tracy Morrison, Katie Sluiter, and Tonya Wertman

Sidewalk chalk

“We chalk a LOT around here. My boys really love it and it's something I don't mind doing with them. We have made quite elaborate pictures and really filled up the driveway.”
Katie, mom of two

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Images via Tracy Morrison and Keely Schoeny

Water Table

“Water tables are great because they are inexpensive (you can typically find a great used one at consignment shops or garage sales), and they provide hours of sensory play! They also are a great replacement for heading to the pool if you don't have much time (or energy) that day. If you have the room in your home, bring the table inside in the winter and fill it with dried beans or rice for your toddlers for more sensory fun.”
Tracy, mom of three

“I don't know what it is about a water table, but they're pure magic. Playing with water in a bucket? BORING. Elevate it a few feet and throw in some kitchen tools? There's your afternoon, folks.”
Keely, mom of three

Now, go out and play!

What are your kids' favorite outdoor summer activities?

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4 Easy and Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids

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