4 Dads Share the Fears They Had While Their Partner Was Pregnant

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Pregnancy is scary not only because, well, all the changes our own bodies go through, but because the process seems so magical and complicated. So many pieces have to come together just right for all the correct things to line up and bring a healthy baby into the world.

We worry about how pregnancy and parenthood are going to change our goals, our lifestyle, and our relationships. While the women tend to carry so much more of those initial changes during pregnancy, they're not the only ones who hold onto fears and anxieties.

I reached out to fathers and fathers-to-be to learn what their fears were during their partners' pregnancy, and the answers may bring some insight into what your own partner is going through during your pregnancy.

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Something happening to the baby

“I was worried my son wasn't going to make it through the whole pregnancy. It was a fear, which, unfortunately, lasted the entire pregnancy.”

— Ryan, author's husband.

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Finding the right doctor

“With our second pregnancy, we had a terrible experience […] As we did not want to travel far, we chose a nearby doctor. However, our first visit ended up as a disaster. The doctor wanted us to consider ending the pregnancy because of my wife's age. The doctor also wanted to exclude my daughter, my son, and me from routine visits! ‘This is not a family occasion!' she said to my wife.

“Having been through a lot, my wife decided to settle. She did not want to spend more time […] searching for doctors. She didn't think it was going to get any better. I turned our fears into action. I searched online for a ‘baby-friendly' hospital. I finally found a wonderful OBGYN office 30 minutes away that was family friendly and [had] evening hours. It met our every need. As a husband, I had to fight for my wife by not letting her settle. My wife was happy again!”

— Ted-David Mizingou, author of upcoming book series Daddy-to-be, Daddy and Me.

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Being ready

“I was afraid of being ‘ready.' We were in our early 20s and just starting out with our careers. I didn't think we were ready, but my wife quickly educated me and told me that we're never going to truly be ready. At that moment, my fears subsided, and I've enjoyed every single moment since.”
— Jeff Stephens, CrazyDadLife

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Making the financial stuff work

“I was worried about making the financial side of things work. Between the added expenses of a new baby and the decreased income from my wife staying home, I was nervous about whether we would be able to make it all work and whether I was up to the task of being the family's only source of income.”

— Matt Becker, founder of Mom and Dad Money

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What about you? What fears did you or your partner have during pregnancy? Share in the comments!

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4 Dads Share the Fears They Had While Their Partner Was Pregnant

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