4 Compliments to Give Your Partner

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Parenting is hard. Even on the very best days there are usually at least a few moments that make you wonder if you're doing something wrong or if you're really cut out for this. But, through doubts and challenges, you power through and keep on rocking parenthood. You deserve a big pat on the back and, if you've got someone right there with you through the diaper blowouts, the toddler tantrums, and tough stuff, then they deserve one too! Even when you love and appreciate your partner it can be hard to remember to compliment them as much as you should. See the suggestions below to start praising them for being as awesome as they are!

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“It means so much that you always put our family first.”

When you're a parent, you make sacrifices, it's just what you do. That doesn't mean though that you shouldn't be recognized for them. If your partner is pulling extra hours at work to make sure you've got the money for your daughter's dance classes or said no to a big weekend with friends to squeeze in a little extra family time, make sure you tell them just how much that means to you. 

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“You're as handsome/ beautiful/ attractive as the day we met.”

When you've been with someone a long time, you both change. Some people get a little softer or curvier, some people go up or down a few sizes and some people change styles in a big way. By letting your partner know they're as attractive to you as ever (even if they look totally different!) you're letting them know that your love is more than skin deep and that, no matter what, you'll always love who they are.

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“I'm glad that our children have you as their parent.”

One of the best gifts you can give your child is an involved, loving, positive other parent. You know you've chosen well when you see you kids beam up as they arrive home from work, cuddle into them as they read a story, or shake with laughter as they play chase outside. Let your partner know that your children wouldn't be who they are without them, and that you're all lucky to have them in your lives.

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“I couldn't do it without you.”

If trying to imagine a world where you had to parent without them blows your mind, make sure to tell your partner just how vital they are to your family. While it's helpful to go into specifics about what they do well and what you couldn't live without, sometimes just being told how important they are can be a real boost! 

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What do you say to praise your partner?

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4 Compliments to Give Your Partner

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