4 Chores Your Two Year Old Can Do

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Two year olds manage, somehow, to be both very big and very small, all at once. They might fuss like a newborn one minute and then impress you with a new word or a new skill the next. While they still have a long way to go before they can be expected to help out with most household chores, two year olds tend to like mastering new tasks and feeling like they are helping you. They are also surprisingly capable once you've taken the time to help them learn how to do something new.

So, when you're ready to begin putting your little one to work, check out the four chores below that two year olds can do. Take some time to teach them how, and then beam with pride once they take them on!

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Set the table

While the forks and spoons likely won't be lined up quite as neatly as if you did it yourself, your two year old is capable of taking the utensils, condiments, and other non-spillable items to the table for meals. My son loves laying out the napkins and placing each fork on top muttering “daddy's fork, mommy's fork, baby's fork” as he goes.

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Put away toys in an assigned basket or bin

Telling your toddler to “clean-up” can be a little vague. Young kids do best with explicit instructions like “put your cars into the red bin” or “please put your doll babies into the basket by the window.” With a helping hand the first few times around, and lots and lots of praise, your toddler will be able to put their toys away on their own in no time!

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Feed the dog

No, they probably won't be the one who remembers to feed the dog each day, they can absolutely scoop the food into their bowl and take it to your pet's assigned eating spot. Little ones like to take care of the things they love and, since their pet is often something they love very much, this has the potential to become a favorite chore.

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Help carry in groceries


Grocery shopping with a toddler can be hard but, once you get those groceries home, your little one can be remarkably helpful carrying them inside. Toddlers can likely begin helping to carry in grocery bags very soon after they learn to walk and love helping out!

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What chores does your toddler help out with?

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4 Chores Your Two Year Old Can Do

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