4 Baby Tricks the NICU Taught Me

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Most people strive to excel at their job, and when your job is making sure that 10 to 12 babies are all fed, calm, and happy, you learn a few tricks along the way. That's why NICU nurses are also known as Baby Whisperers.

These newborn hacks will you make you think, “Oh! Why didn't I think of that?”

Put the clean diaper underneath the soiled one before you take it off baby.

This sounds like one of those “Why didn't I think of that?” tricks, but it makes so much sense! (Especially with those free-wheeling newborn boys.) The faster you can get a diaper changed, the better, and this makes it a breeze. Plus, it keeps your work surface from accidentally getting dirty in the process!

Roll up fluffy towels to stabilize baby's head in the newborn bathtub.

This is absolutely genius and gives anxious parents a little breathing room when it comes to their slippery new offspring during bath time. Rolling up two full-sized towels on either side of their head in an infant bath (the kind that has them laying at an incline) stabilizes their head — the same way blankets do in a car seat.

Rhythmically patting baby's bottom or gently jostling them will lull them to sleep.

A rhythmic, calming, swaying movement or patting their tiny bottom will eventually help them ease off to sleep. You can even do this while they are still in their crib, giving you an easier time of sneaking back to your own bed.

Elevating baby's head while they sleep will help with acid reflux.

It was easy to do in the NICU, since the cribs had an incline function included, but inserting some rolled-up blankets underneath the crib mattress will achieve the same effect and could give some much needed relief to babies suffering from acid reflux. Plus, this position keeps them safer if they do have a vomiting episode during the night.

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Have you learned any useful baby tricks from NICU nurses?

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4 Baby Tricks the NICU Taught Me

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