4 Amazing and True C-Section Stories

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The first time I witnessed a c-section as a student nurse, I was a little worried that I might pass out on the floor, a nondescript observer unnoticed in the corner while the surgical team went about their business until one of them tripped over me, ruining their sterile field.

Luckily, I made it through, and aside from a few overwhelming moments (cauterizing is not my favorite, let's just say that much), it was actually a really cool experience. Maybe for my sake, or maybe it just happened to be that particular doctor's style, but after the baby was delivered into the hands of the waiting labor and delivery nurse, the doctor actually removed the entire uterus and rested it on what was left of the woman's abdomen for inspection.

I remember standing there in awe, looking at this plain, unimpressive organ that had just done some incredible work over the course of 40 weeks, marveling that it could actually be brought outside before being safely tucked back inside.

C-sections, like vaginal births, are everyday occurrences that when you think about it, are actually quite miraculous.

And here are true c-section stories that might just amaze you even more.

babyless c section
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The baby-less c-section. In Brazil, many news sources reported the story of a woman who presented to the hospital with what appeared to be a pregnant belly and contractions. After finding no heartbeat, doctors rushed her in for an emergency c-section only to find … she wasn't actually pregnant.

Sadly, this case is probably a case of a woman needing some mental health counseling, as it was her second faked pregnancy that year.

mexican table
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The one where a woman did her own c-section. When I first came across this story in a book about obstetrics, I honestly didn't even believe it. No! I thought. No one could actually do that! I had to do a little digging myself to find out if this remarkable story was actually true–and lo and behold, it totally was. As BBC News (among others) reported, a woman in Mexico who had complications during previous deliveries and was eight hours from a hospital actually took a knife from her kitchen and successfully delivered her own baby via a self-inflicted c-section. Incredibly, both she and her baby survived.

Image via Mindi Stavish

The tried-everything-in-the-book c-section. Even after working almost three years in labor and delivery, I was still a little shocked by this story, courtesy of fellow Everyday Family writer Mindi Stavish. After carefully constructing a birth plan and going into labor naturally “as planned,” Mindi ended up with nearly every intervention in the books–from her baby's heart rate going down to three separate attempts with a vacuum extractor to an episiotomy, Mindi's doctors determined–with her baby already sticking out of her–that she needed an emergency c-section. “After sticking most of his arm up my parts,” Mindi writes, she was rushed to the operating room, where she also experienced complications on the table. Luckily, everything ended up ok in the end and Mindi is now the mother of three children.


perfect cs
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The perfect c-section. Many women tend to equate c-sections as “failures,” as if they somehow could have prevented what otherwise would have been a perfect start into motherhood. Truth? Nothing about motherhood is perfect, but a c-section can still be a joyful and empowering birth experience. As Krystal Cleaver writes on the blog, Birth Without Fear, a natural birth was very important to her, so after finding out that she needed a c-section because her baby was in the breach position, she talked with her doctors about incorporating skin-to-skin into the surgery–and was surprised when they agreed! “I happily announced the sex of the baby as the nurse brought my beautiful daughter, Harper Adison, to me and laid her on my chest,” Krystal wrote. “While my situation was not the hypno-birthing, drug free, natural experience I had spent my pregnancy preparing for, I realize now it was a perfect birth nonetheless.”

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Did you have a c-section? Was it unexpected or planned due to foreseen circumstances?

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4 Amazing and True C-Section Stories

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  1. Brooke says:

    I had a horrendous experience. I was induced the day before my due date and labored for 14 hours before they said we probably needed to have a c section because I wasn’t dilating. First, they forgot to tell my boyfriend to come in until they had opened me up and he saw them pulling my intestines out. Then, once they opened me up, they realized he was posterior but had no idea until that point. Once they pulled the baby out, I could feel EVERYTHING. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for five minutes before the anesthesiologist made the doctors stop so they could put me under to finish. On top of all that; one of the nurses said my baby looked blind when they were cleaning him off, so that’s the last thing I heard before being put to sleep. It was an absolutely terrible experience.

  2. nickki says:

    I had two c section my first went totally wrong my daughter was born at 28 weeks which she is now 14 but the stitches come apart and left me with a big hole that i had to pack and dress for 5 weeks. With my second c section everything went as good as it gets.got to hold my son as they closed me up.my husband got to record it he even got to cut the cord.Now that we are having are thrid child I hope everything goes right because im consider high risk for I had p.e. and now on blood thinners.C section can be a joy for some of us.

  3. Whitney says:

    Now I am pregnant with my second and I think I am doing the vagina part. It will be a great feeling to experience.

  4. Whitney says:

    I had one c section with my first son. I was twenty one and I wasnt that scared when the nurse told me they had to do an emergency c setion. My fiance was super scared because he thought something might go wrong. Anyways everything went well. It happened so fast and I didnt feel anything but my son fighting because he didnt want to come out. So after birth i followed him as they put him in different rooms. the cleaning room. the bath part and to the room we went. So after four amazing days in the hospital I finally get out. My bed was on the floor so everytime i layed down it was hard for me to get up. The pain hurted so bad, it felt like a line was burning in my stomach. It took a while for me to stop having pains,but the medicine helped alot.

  5. Desiree says:

    I’m a mother of 3 going on 4 and all of them have been C-sections deliveries. I was shocked and disappointed the first time I had to have a C-section. I was planning a water birth, but my daughter was breech and had the cord wrapped around her neck twice. My main reasoning for not wanting C-sections is because you don’t get that skin to skin contact right away. I didn’t get to see my daughter for 2 hours after I had her. All I did was cry. My second baby, a son, was also delivered C-section because in Juneau, Alaska that don’t do vbacs. Even though my water broke a week before my C-section date they proceeded with the C-section. I didn’t get to hold him for about an hour after birth. My 3rd was a little different experience. Also a C-section, I was able to breastfeed her while they were “putting me back together”. That was AMAZING!!!! Baby number 4, due in Aug, is going to be born at the same hospital as baby number 3 and with the same surgeon. I think that no matter the way a mother delivers, she and baby should have that chance to have that immediate contact. It is really important for bonding. I’m so blessed I have 4 babies and all of them are C-section deliveries. I consider myself very lucky. I love being a mom!!!!!

  6. Valerie says:

    At my 30 week OB appt my baby was in the breech position, and was told that a c-section would be scheduled between 37-40 weeks if she didn’t turn. During my 35th week I started having flank pain and it just kept getting worse. I was seen at my OB’s office and was sent to the hospital to be evaluated. After several tests and an ultrasound of the kidneys I was discharged as the pain had improved. Later that night it returned with a vengeance!!! The next morning I was seen again by my OB who sent me to the hospital. I had an infected kidney stone??!! The next morning I was in labor, and headed for an emergency c-section. While being prepped in labor and delivery my water BROKE and iI was dilated to 8 cm. I was rushed to the OR where my daughter was born and wasn’t breathing. After 5 minutes they intubated her and she sprung to life! They removed the tube and she was breathing on her own with no problems. Due to the early timing and traumatic birth she was taken to the NICU for a few days. She is healthy and doing great! My OB and the hospital staff did an awesome job and took excellent care of us all, even my husband 🙂 we are extremely lucky!

  7. jessica says:

    I had said one day to ny doctor we could always do a csection and she said I dont want I one of those. So when it cane to the final week of my pregnancy I was induced monday til thursday. Longest week! I was kept at the hospital thursday morning where I just walked around and got more and more excited for our baby to arrive. At noon I was put on a drip to start contractions, boy did they ever. Finally I broke down a d asked for an epidural at 3. I disnt get it til 7pm (dr was in surgery). After that my dr said my baby should be here by 11pm well it was 3am when she realizd the baby wasnt coming out. Finally they decided to get me in for a csection and my baby boy was boring at 6am. It was some experience and you know what I love my csection scar. It holds so many memories and quite an experience.

  8. Melody says:

    I can’t imagine a performing a c-section on myself. That one, I’ll remember. What mental determination and stamina that would take! Wow!

  9. Dawnyella says:

    I went to my prenatal check up on 8/16/13, my ob/gyn had me & my sons dad rush to the hospital so I could be induced for an emergency c-section, because of my elevated blood pressure. We get to the hospital, they know who I am(beauty of being a patient of the same hospital for years,& same main branch since childhood). I got the pitocin drip, and I tried the whole vaginal birth route, and continued getting asked if I wanted an epidural until I told them to stop asking me. I kept feeling like I had to poop, but nothing came out when I tried to use the rr, or when they gave me the bed pan after. I ended up dialating to 9cm before I sided w/ having the c-section. I only sided with it, because they said that his unbilical cord was wrapped around his body, and mine was wrapped around my neck, so after a little less than 19 hours in labor, I had a c-section and my son was born on 8/17/13 weighing 7 pounds and 5.2 ounces and 20.51 inches long. Surprisingly he was born the morning I turned 39 weeks!! He is our 1st baby ever, my moms 4th grandson, my dad and my sons dads parents 1st grandchild.

  10. Charmaine says:

    I have two children, and both arrived via c-section. The first one, with my son in 1995, was an emergency one, and I was not pleased with the care or service I received. I was having my labor induced, and my son was not ready to make his appearance. I was on a pitocin drip from about 9 am on December 4th until 3 pm on December 5th. The tried to manually break my water, but was unsuccessful until after two rounds of cervix softeners. By the time my labor actually started, my son was so antsy inside that he got the. Umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and when they started losing his heartbeat, they decided on the emergency c-section. I don’t think they were much more. Pleased than was about how the whole ordeal happened. When I became pregnant with my second child in 2005, I wanted to have a VBAC, and we went about requesting my records from my first pregnancy. Guess what? The hospital could not locate them, and had no records showing I was even a patient in 1995!! Without the records, my OB didn’t want to take the chance on what kind of incision the previous doctor made on my uterus (and rightfully so), so we went with a planned c-section for my daughter. My second one could not have went better. I had an excellent hospital staff, and they were wonderful. The doctor, again, was less than what I would have preferred, but overall, it was a good experience. The OB I had with my daughter completely “forgot” I had planned on having a tubal while I was already going to be in the operating room, and claimed to have “no recollection” of me ever discussing it with him…. Funny, his nurses, and even the hospital staff were aware of it, and were prepared for it, all until he claimed he knew nothing of it, and could not locate the paperwork I had signed. Do I wish I could have experienced a vaginal birth? Absolutely! Did I have moments of anger at the universe, and frustration with everyone around me when I was told on both occasions that would not be able to? Absolutely! However, in the grand scheme of things, both of my children (son – 9lbs, 4 oz, and daughter – 8 lbs, 15 3/4 oz) were delivered healthy, and that is the most important thing.

  11. Danielle says:

    I delivered all my children via C-section. My oldest was an emergency C-section due to a failed induction. He was a whopping 10lbs. 7 years, I delivered his little sister by repeat C-section. This section was planned and the doctor kept the light in a way where I could see what he was doing and it helped me feel like I was apart of the birthing process. A year ago, I delivered my last child 4 weeks early, via C-section. My 3rd section was planned for May but I started having contractions early and once I hit 5 cm, it was done that morning. In all cases, they brought my children to me as soon as possible and there was no delay in the bonding experience. Although I would have liked to have had a vaginal birth, I’m happy that all of my children came into the world healthy and happy.

  12. LACEY says:

    I have two children now. My first birthing experience was scary as could be. I went in for my regular check up and then they sent me for at stress test (39 weeks) and went to the hospital and then went back to my OB and he admitted me in the hospital. They induced me in labor. By day 3 still no baby and dilated to a 3 and that night they rushed in and i rolled over on my left side then on all 4’s, they couldnt find my daughters heart beat again and then finally found it. By day 5 was going thru the same thing and dilated to a 5 and they rushed me into OR for Emergency C-Section. They got baby girl out and I heard he cry then she was taken back NICU and in an oxygen tent. I didn’t even get to hold no idea what was going on. I had such a spinal headache from two epiderals (1st one didnt work) i finally got to go back but couldnt move and i got to do was hold her hand and we both got baptized right there too. My daughter, Lauren, weighted in at 4lb 14 oz and 18 3/4 inches long. She was born with a cleft palate, para robin syndrome and a heart murmur. She spent 10 days at U OF M Motts Childrens Hospital. I was up by the next morning. She is doing awesome now!!

    My 2nd c-section was much easier. It was planned. My daughter Allison was born 12-26-12 at 7lb 2oz and 18 inches long. The only problem was with me after for about 10 minutes i could barely breathe and everytime i tried i had major chest pains. We were in and out of there in 2 days!!

  13. Robert says:

    I like to know what kind of maternity clothes should I get when I do get big with my baby

  14. Shandi says:

    I am a first time Mommy to a beautiful son named Connor. His entrance into the world was eventful and long coming to say the least. At my 38 week appointment my OB decided that I needed to be induced the following week due to increased BPs over the last few months. Induction was actually and ideal situation because my Husband and I currently live in Louisiana but our families live in Alabama and Georgia. A scheduled induction allowed everyone to make arrangements to be able to be present for his birth. I was admitted at 7:30 on 1-20-14 for my induction after 4 separate doses of Cytotec( most women only need 1 at the most) and Pitocin we rolled into day 2. I had gotten may epidural at 2:00am on the 21st and it stopped working fully by 12pm on 21st. I had my water broken at 9am on the 21st and still didn’t dialate past a 2. At this point I am having contractions going on 2 days (imagine the rotating head from the exorcist 🙂 ) We roll on to the 22nd and no progress.. BLAH! At this point my BPs are through the roof and I am miserable. Finally at 3:50 the doctor calls and okays a section if I am not dilated to a 4..Big Surprise I’m NOT! I was wheeled into the operating room and transferred myself on to the OR table and suffered from what people call a hot spot (feeling at a certain area) I was dosed to the max and could still feel the left part of my abdomen. I elected to not be put to sleep so that my husband could be present for our Sons birth. So after squeezing my Husbands hand to the breaking point while the doctor began his incision our son was born on 1-22-14 at 4:51pm. Afterwards I had clots and a BP of 175/100 and an now taking BP meds. Although my labor was long and hard I count my blessings and know that next time I will be lucky and have a scheduled section.

  15. mommy nhoj says:

    My first delivery was c-section. It took 15 minutes before I hear my little one cry! I was awake the whole time and even when brought to recovery room couldn’t sleep. Excitement!? Could be! I might probably deliver via c-sec should I got pregnant again. It’s for health condition, I wonder if my current provider wiuld have the same clinical judgment.

  16. Samantha says:

    Very interesting stories! I’ve had a c-section and will be having another and I’m still a bit nervous but these stories make me feel a little better.


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