30+ Unbelievably Nice Baby Shower Gifts Under $25

baby shower gifts
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There may be no better reason to celebrate than the imminent arrival of a new baby. Baby showers are a special time to spend with the mother-to-be and to give her your best mommy advice along with a gift.

Although most moms have a baby registry, sometimes nothing on the registry seems quite right or sometimes all that's left is out of your budget. Not to worry. We've got some great ideas for shower gifts that won't break the bank — that new moms and new babies alike are sure to love.

chewbeads teething
Image via Chewbeads


Chewbeads are so cute that no one will know they are really silicone teethers. Bracelets can even be used even before a baby starts teething as a reminder for which side to nurse on next.

As a bonus, because they are waterproof, sleep-deprived new moms don't have to worry if she forgets to take them off before one of her rare showers. I like the Charles Stackable bracelets in sets of three coordinating colors best. Not into jewelry? Chewbeads also makes more traditional teethers, including one that can be hung from a car seat or stroller.

All Chewbeads bracelets come in at $20, but if your budget is a bit higher, there are many necklaces available for right around $30.

rubber duck
Image via Boon

Bath Toys

I've had four kids myself and have been to countless baby showers for other people. One thing that parents need that never seems to make it onto the registry list is bath toys.

For that reason, I think bath toys make a great baby shower gift. A classic is a rubber ducky, and I love Odd Ducks from Boon, which throw a splash of color on the traditional yellow. Buy a couple individually or splurge on a four-pack.

Boon's Water Pipes are a hit with my kids, who like to pour water through them separately and hook them together. Youkidoo's Stack ‘N' Spray Tub Fountain has a different take on bath time, using water to power little boats — each of which does something else like spray water or turn a propeller. The base attaches to the bottom of the tub so there's never a lack of water.


Another Yookidoo option is the Flow ‘N' Fill Spout. It has many different ways to play with water that is drawn up through the spout.

bath toys
Image via Boon

Bath Toy Storage

Remember those bath toys that all parents will need? Well, they will also need somewhere to store those toys other than the bottom of the tub.

I got a Boon FrogPod after seeing several of my friends use one. What makes the FrogPod work so well is that it can be hung on the wall with adhesive strips. Then, its scoop can be used to gather up the toys so they can drip and air dry. It costs $25, but it looks like costs much more. Shhh …

Image via Little Toader


All babies will get teeth, and all babies will teethe. Little Toader AppeTeethers are just about the cutest teething toys I have ever seen, and they're sure to get oohs and ahhs at gift-opening time.

What makes these so adorable is that they look uncannily like real food. Choose something related to what the mom-to-be is craving like ice cream or go for pineapple if she's a healthy eater. At $10, you can get a main dish and a dessert to make a complete gift.

For nursing moms, licorice teethers that can be worn as bracelets are a really unique way to keep track of which side to nurse on next. I can happily report that AppeTeethers are a hit with teething babies, too. They are easy to grasp and have good textures and bright colors to keep the little one's attention.

Or, for $15, you can get the mom an all wood, handcrafted HABA Egon the Elephant teether that has a super-strong cord for Egon and safe-colored (non-painted) wood.

pully palz
Image via Pully Palz


When I first received a PullyPalz, I had one of those “Why didn't I think of that?” moments. Cute PullyPalz animals are attached to a car seat handle in such a way that the face and body angle down to face the baby, rather than hanging straight like most attachable toys.


What's better is that the arms have a string with two teethers attached that the baby can pull towards him, and the teethers can be removed in order to attach pacifiers so they're always within baby's reach. My baby likes his cow pal so much that we also attach it to his stroller bar. PullyPalz run at $20.

 bottle washer
Image via Boon

Bottle Washer

Many babies go around bottles in their hands — lots of bottles. And those bottles need to be washed. Make it easy on the new mom with the Boon Suds Bottle Washer that allows one-handed washing (genius!) at $23.

Also, consider this adorable Forb silicon bottle brush that is brightly colored and will last longer than the standard bristle brushes. This will only cost you $10.

baby potography
Image via Barnes and Noble

Photography Book

All moms want cute pictures of their babies, but it can be hard to know where to start. Me Ra Koh's book, Your Baby In Pictures, is a great guide about looking for special moments to capture beyond the milestones. Me Ra also includes her “recipes” for using a camera's settings to get the best photos possible, whether you are using a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR.

children's book
Image via Amazon


It's never too early to start a library. Classics are always a good choice, but for something a little more special, seek out books that the mom-to-be hasn't discovered yet.

Board books with simple and funny stories, like the adorable Dinosaur Kisses, are always a good bet. Or think ahead to learning with a couple of my favorite books: Alphablock and Countablock. Sensory books, and books that babies can chew on, are always a great choice, too.

My son loves his HABA Egon the Elephant book, in which the elephant takes his little picture-book friends with him to Africa so they can get to know the rhino, the giraffe, the lion, and the other animals!


Image via HABA


Every baby needs a bunch of these. Give the mom-to-be a pack of five so she always has a clean one available. Lassig makes wide-design bibs that allow for maximum spillage protection, and with a waterproof under layer to keep clothes dry, it's great for bottle and cup feedings and for little ones who are just starting to eat purees. These are easy to take on and off and are available in several color schemes.

changing clutch
Image via JJ Cole Collections

Changing Wallet

Experienced moms know not to underestimate how many diapers a baby will go through before being potty trained. They also know an on-the-go system is a must.

I've learned to skip the bulky changing systems in favor of one that sticks to the basics, is light, and takes up as little room in the diaper bag as possible.

The JJ Cole Changing Clutch is a cute changing system that keeps it simple and small, making it that much easier to get out of the house or run to the restroom quickly with everything you need for a change.

todd parr
Image via The First Years

A gift that gives back.

This is something everyone can add to a gift to make it a little extra special. Most parents are familiar with Todd Parr's unique style of children's books, but you can help get them started early with the free downloadable books such as We're Pregnant and We're Parents.

Print out copies for the mom-to-be and not only will a donation be made to parents and children in need, but the guest of honor will learn helpful tips like how it's OK for her to take a nap whenever she wants and how to sleep standing up.

Image via The Manhattan Toy Company


After I had my first child, I started noticing a round, blue face everywhere. After a short investigation, I discovered it was the iconic Whoozit that more experienced moms told me every baby loves and has to have. Because of this, it's a great choice for new moms. The Whoozit is available in a variety of sizes and I found the medium to be just right for my little one.


stroller console
Image via BOB


As a mom of four, I realize the importance of being able to stay organized when going out. Some of my favorite baby items for the stroller make a great choice for a gift for a new mom. Every parent will likely spend hours strolling with their child in a stroller.

A nice gift that will last for years is the BOB Handlebar console that has plenty of room for mom, her kids' drinks, plus a cell phone and other odds and ends.

Another nice idea would be a package of items like the indispensable Mommy Hook for hanging a diaper bag or other bags acquired while out, along with some Baby Buddy Secure A Toy straps for making sure that toys and sippy cups in strollers or car seats don't fall and get lost.

boba fett onesies
Image via Super Hero Stuff

Super Clothes

Baby clothing is so cute, and babies grow so fast (and get so dirty), so it's no wonder that onesies are such a popular gift. Look for something a little unusual to help your gift stand out.

My favorite source for cool baby duds that dads can appreciate too are from SuperHeroStuff. They have adorable items like this Boba Fett onesie along with cool pins for the diaper bag and a nice selection of big-brother and big-sister gifts as well. Plenty of pink abounds also.

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diaper cake
Image via Flickr/ Diy Gifts Studioc


One thing every new mom needs is diapers! As hard as it may be for anyone combing through a list of adorable baby items to believe, one of my favorite shower gifts was a bag of newborn diapers and wipes. This gift saved me one night when I hadn't realized I was running low. Diapers can add up to be expensive, and babies use a lot of them, so this is one gift — you can be certain — that will not sit around untouched.


Image via Seedling.


Every baby's room could use a bit of light and color. Make a homemade suncatcher with a kit from Seedling or give the kit to the soon-to-be parent to make their own decor. Seedling has an adorable butterfly suncatcher kit that has everything you (or a new mom) needs to add a splash of color and light to baby's room. Gifts like this are meaningful as well because they are made with love.

dragon baby toy
Image via TOMY

Travel Toy

When I had my first baby, I didn't appreciate how important toys that could be used on the go were. A great baby shower gift is a baby toy with a clip that can be used not just at home, but that can be attached to an infant seat handle or stroller as well.

My son loves his Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon when we're about an about. Any Game of Thrones fans will appreciate a baby dragon with flapping wings, and the baby will like the contrasting colors and crinkle feet.

green toys
Image via Green Toys


It's not long before babies start grabbing and shaking, which is followed shortly by the oral exploration phase of putting everything in their mouth and teething.

A couple of options that will help baby through all of these phases and that is safe for them to put in their mouths are from Green Toys. My First Keys is a great choice because even very young babies all seem to be obsessed with getting their hands on their mom's set of keys. It can also be paired with the Twist Teether, which has lots of textures for baby to explore. It makes a nice gift.

baby blanket
Image via aden + anais


Babies (and parents) benefit from a lovey in many ways. Babies get some security from sleeping with an item consistently and may even like to carry it around with them everywhere as they get older. Moms can make the lovey a little more soothing by carrying it around with them so that it has their scent.


Two great options come from Aden + Anais and are under $25. A cute wooden teething toy with a small Aden + Anais blanket attached is the perfect size for baby to hold because it comes without the bulk of a full-sized security blankie.

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Another option is their super-soft, handmade bamboo musy mate maxi, which looks like it costs much more that its price tag — it's just under $20.

ju-ju-be diaper bag
Image via Flickr/ jujube


One thing that saves my sanity is having a small bag that I can easily take in and out of my diaper bag as needed. I love the Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick because it has a handle, the ability to fit a lot into a small space, a stain-proof surface, and the cute designs that are available.

I've used mine to tote diapers, wipes, snacks whose crumbs I want to confine, and I've also used it as a carrier for crayons and small toys to keep kids busy while out and about.

roly poly frog toy
Image via HABA

Developmental Toys

HABA's Roly Poly Frog is an adorable figure that even very young babies can play with. The roly-poly frog happily moves to and fro without tipping over, and all the while makes entertaining tinkling noises. All babies will be thrilled to play with it, and moms will appreciate that it helps train their motor skills.

Stacking towers are a classic baby toy that any mom-to-be would be happy to have. Yookidoo makes a Stack Flap ‘N' Tumble stacking toy with a twist — it's also a musical ball game. Babies hear fun sounds when the balls hit the bottom and come tumbling out. Each stacking cube has a clicking or rattling activity designed to encourage exploration and hone motor skills. The Stack Flap ‘N' Tumble helps develop object permanence, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving, tactile skills, and cause-and-effect skills.

You can purchase the Yookidoo Lights ‘N' Music Fun Ball for $15. It is a motion-activated, soft-play ball that lights up and plays music. Rolling or shaking activates lights and fun music, which teaches cause and effect. Babies are encouraged to roll the ball and crawl after it, which stimulates movement. Lightweight and easy to grasp, the Lights ‘N' Music Fun Ball is perfect for small hands. My son can't get enough of his!


silicone baby spoons
Image via Silikids

Bibs and Spoons

Although it may seem like the farthest thing from a new mom's mind, she will wake up one day and find that her baby is ready to eat! Make sure she's prepared! A nice gift would be a combination of coordinating kid-safe silicone products like these ones from Silikids. Their products include bibs with pockets for catching food, sturdy placemats that can be used at home or at restaurants, and super-soft silicone spoons that are perfect for new eaters.

bottle feeding gift pack
Image via MAM


What makes a nicer gift than a gift set? For moms planning to use bottles, MAM makes an adorable Feed-and-Soothe Gift Set for under $25, with a variety of bottle sizes and pacifiers.

milestone markers
Image via Sticky Bellies

Milestone Cards

Every mom thinks about the milestones ahead during her baby's first year. Help her be prepared to capture those milestones with Milestone Baby Cards, which can be used to document everything from her baby's first tooth to when her baby sleeps through the night for the first time. Or help the new parents document their baby's month-by-month achievements with Sticky Bellies — another cute way to capture milestones.

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nose frida
Image via Frida Baby

Drugstore Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts come from the drugstore. Many moms-t0-be overlook the practical because they are too distracted by the adorable. The NoseFrida with saline solution is an item every new mom needs since it actually gets the snot out of a little one's nose like nothing else. Moms will also appreciate cool pacifiers like those from MAM.


earth mama
Image via Earth Mama Angel Baby

Bath Kit

Give the mom-to-be a little something for her baby with Earth Mama Angel Baby's A Little Something for Baby welcome kit, which includes all-natural baby wash and shampoo, lotion, bottom balm, and baby oil.

earth moma
Image via Earth Mama Angel Baby

Pampering Kit

Or maybe you want to give the mom-to-be a little something to help make the rest of her pregnancy a bit easier. Try Earth Mama Angel Baby's A Little Something for Mama-To-Be. It's a pampering kit for pregnancy.

On a day that is all about the mom, she will appreciate something for her to use as she prepares to welcome her new little addition. The kit includes Happy Mama Body Wash, Happy Mama Spray, Earth Mama Body Butter, Natural Stretch Oil, and Organic Morning Wellness Tea.

lil sidekick
Image via Lil' Sidekick

Lil' Sidekick

If this is the mom-to-be's first baby, she probably doesn't know yet how many times she'll be bending over to pick up all the things her baby will drop — from teethers to sippy cups to trains.

Help save her sanity by giving her a couple Lil' Sidekick leashes that fit around just about anything little hands can hold. Attach them to the car seat, stroller, high chair, baby carrier, etc.

Vulli Sophie giraffe
Image via Amazon

Sophie the Giraffe

Why have babies loved Sophie the Giraffe for the past 50 years? Maybe it's because she's made out of buttery-soft rubber — good for teething. Maybe it's because her neck and legs are so easy for babies to grasp. Maybe it's her cute squeak. Maybe it's because she's just cute.


Whatever the reason, Mom-to-be will love a Sophie of her own to give to her little munchkin.

baby toy
Image via Wiser Toys

Special Friend

Every child needs a special friend. Get the mom-to-be something exquisite and unique to share with her child, like this Funny Little Mouse.

baby toys
Image via Bonjour Petit


In my family, we have come to love using puppets to play with babies. Super soft and cuddly, they are perfect for grabbing little noses and making silly sounds. Try a French Moulin Roty Isidore Hand Puppet. It will make a great gift that will allow the new parents to put a fun spin on playtime with their little addition.

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