3 Toddler Sweet-Treat Swaps to Make This Summer

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With summer just around the corner many parents are already breaking out the grill and starting to cook their summer favorites. While some people love classic cook-out foods like hot dogs and hamburgers others trend towards roasting their favorite summer vegetables or make-ahead dishes that are easy to keep, like pasta salad. As little ones begin to join in your summer festivities you might be thinking of ways to make some of your favorites a little bit healthier. This summer make some of the sweet swaps below to help your little one eat with as much joy as they play!

strawberries and whipped cream
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Instead of pie, try berries and whipped cream Nothing says summer like a sweet berry pie and, while pies are classic, they can also fill your little one with tons of extra sugar. Instead of serving them a whole slice of pie which includes both crust and sugary filler, opt for fresh berries and whipped cream for something a little more natural. Pile their plates high with strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries and let them dip to their heart's content. Things might get a little messy but your little on will love their fruity dessert.

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Instead of classic slushies, try homemade popsicles. When I was a kid I loved slushies, the cool ice and sweet syrup always mixed perfectly to create a cool and refreshing treat. Now that I know just how much sugar is in that syrup though, I'm hesitant to let my boy have even a bite. Instead, we purchased an at-home popsicle mold and freeze our own all natural pops. Usually we just add his favorite V8 juice and freeze, but sometimes we'll throw in some sliced fruit to make it a little more interesting. Homemade pops are delightful for kids, especially when they get to help make them themselves!

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strawberry fruit smoothie
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Instead of something from the ice cream truck, try summer smoothies. Ice cream in the summer is a staple of many people's childhoods and a bowl every now and then certainly won't hurt. When you're looking for a more everyday after dinner treat though, a homemade smoothie might be a better option. To make a fruit smoothie your little one will love simply toss a handful of sliced fruit into the blender with some ice and a little bit of yogurt. Serve cold and watch them get devoured! Strawberry-banana is a favorite for a lot of kids but feel free to experiment, and let your little on experiment, with what they like best.

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3 Toddler Sweet-Treat Swaps to Make This Summer

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