3 Tips for The Perfect Summer Picnic

3 Essential Tips for a Successful Picnic
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This month was full of recipes that were easy to make and that were ultra-portable. Why did I prepare this line up for you? Because summer is the perfect time to pack a picnic and enjoy some family time outside! Whether you are headed to the park, the beach or a night at the ballet, these 3 essential tips for a successful picnic will have you ready to go in no time and have you planning this fun type of outing all season long! You will have homemade delicious treats, use mostly reusable products to ensure your basket is green, and have a bit of fun packed in for good measure.

First and foremost, you will need a basket or bag to carry your wares. You can use a traditional basket or canvas market baskets work great. Another option that most have access to are canvas beach bags or reusable supermarket bags. You will be able to fit reusable plastic containers, zip lock bags, and mason jars into these carry-all items and have enough room for other essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, ice, and a blanket.

orange lemonade
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Tip 1: Stay Hydrated
When the temperatures rise so does your chance for dehydration. Make sure you pack plenty of liquid refreshments for everyone. Water is the best choice, but if you want to alternate with a sweet treat, make some homemade lemonade and place in a mason jar. Mason jars make the perfect transport item for liquid or food because they won't leak (self-seal). If you plan on a 4 hour picnic, pack at least 3 bottles (8 oz.) per person.

mason jar taco salad
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Tip 2: Easy to Make Food
Everyone likes to eat fancy sandwiches and they make great lunch food, but why not pack a special treat? Make my recipe for Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad and have a meal in a jar. All you'll need is a fork to dig in! Grab to-go containers and place your Fruit Kebabs and Apricot Muffin Cakes.

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Tip 3: Pack the Fun!
Make sure you have a blanket to sit on! Find a quilt or queen sized blanket and have a place to sit and relax. And don't fret if something spills on it – that is what the washing machine is for! 

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3 Tips for The Perfect Summer Picnic

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