3 Parenting Tips for Maintaining Good Behavior

parenting tips for good behavior
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Being consistent with discipline is something my husband and I struggle with and is the contention of many arguments. These disagreements typically occur in the heat of the moment when one or all of our three boys are disobeying us or being unsafe. One of my parenting goals is to implement strategies for discipline and to be consistent with these.

Here are a few tips that we will be trying to put into practice to determine what works best for our family…

eye level
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Controlling ourselves before we control them

Many times, when one of my boys is acting up, I immediately tense up and raise my voice. This, of course, does nothing but increase the negative behavior.

Instead, I'm going to remind myself to take a deep breath and count to ten. I will then get down at eye level and use a soft voice to redirect behavior.

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Avoiding bribes

We are very guilty of bribing our kids with goodies for good behavior. Instead, I'd like to focus on spending one-on-one time with each of our kids to reward good behavior. The time doesn't have to be spent on a huge outing. It can just be 15 minutes of playtime on the floor before bed or one extra story. As a dual-working family, getting one-on-one time with each child is a challenge, but it's something we must make a priority. 

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Setting Up a Reward System

At the school my oldest child attends, they use an excellent reward system for good behavior. It works really well! I always talk about setting up a visual reward system for the kids, but I never follow through. Now that my oldest two are almost 6 and 4, they both can benefit from a system, and it need to be a priority.

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What are some new or old strategies you use to help maintain good behavior in your house?

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3 Parenting Tips for Maintaining Good Behavior

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