3 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

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I love the New Year; it's an easy time to reboot, refocus, and reframe what you want out of your goals, and there's no other time you'll get such an easy re-start. Some people may roll their eyes at New Year's resolutions, but I think goals, even started on January 1 with the rest of the people, is a great way to set up a positive 365 days.

I have a few personal New Year's resolutions I hope to keep in 2015, including drinking more water and making time to have more fun, but I also have some resolutions that affect more than just me. I like to call these my parenting resolutions.

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Since I don't see anything wrong with New Year's resolutions for all areas of life, here are my three parenting resolutions I hope to keep in 2015.

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1. Stop looking for perfection

I don't expect my kids, my husband, or my house to be perfect, but I have been spending too much time and energy trying to find perfection in balance. Between my four children, work, hobbies, home things, my husband, and friendships, I have been way too worried about striking that perfect balance between it all.

I've come to realize that (for me, at least) there is no such thing and that I'm wasting time and anxiety trying to find and achieve it. Things waver. One week, my kids get most of my attention, and sometimes, work takes precedence, and that's OK. Other times, my husband and I will totally be in sync, and other times, we won't. I have found that, in time, everything does eventually work out. It all balances, but never at the same time.

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2. Have more fun at homeschool

We have officially hit our one year mark of homeschooling, and it's been a real learning experience — for all of us. We've been working on figuring out the best way to help foster learning and excitement for new things, and it has all finally come together. It's been a challenging and fun year, but the best part of all of it has been spending time together and getting to see the progress they've all had.

This year, I'd like to make homeschool more fun. Now that we've found our groove, I want to incorporate more silliness and play into school and more hands-on exploring. I think that it's the piece that's missing from our already pretty awesome school situation. 

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3. Eat more vegetables

The year 2014 was crazy as far as changes and getting used to a new routine. We started homeschool with three kids and had a brand new baby (number four), so quick meals were our go-to for the many crazy times when things wouldn't settle down. As a result of that, our diet hasn't been as stellar as I want it to be. Rarely do we eat take-out, but we also cut down (a lot) on the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits for each day.

This year, with a little more routine going on and some extra planning, we're going to increase our daily vegetable and fruit intake and make it fun!

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What are your parenting resolutions for the New Year? Share in the comments!

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3 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

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