3 of the Best Baby Video Monitors Around

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Although I have had four babies, I have to admit that I've never taken the plunge into buying a video monitor. I know, I know, I'm so old school.

We have a regular monitor that's sound only, and I occasionally use it. But after having a baby close to us pass away from SIDS, this time around, I have been extra cautious to keep an even closer eye on my baby.

I was in the market for a video monitor to use once we transitioned our daughter into a crib in her own room (well, the room she shares with her brother, anyways).

Here are a few I came across in my search.

Image via Summer Infant

Summer Infant Video Monitors

One of the things I worried about in a video monitor was having it be secure. With some of the video monitors WiFi enabled, I worried about the possibility of the feed being interfered with. But I spoke to a rep from Summer Infant, who assured me that “all Summer Infant monitors have bank-level security to prevent hacking.”

They have a bunch of fancy-shmancy monitors and cameras, like this one, that is panoramic and has different light settings for when your baby is falling asleep and sleeping. Or, if you like more basic monitors like me, I tried out this video monitor from Summer Infant, and it's been perfect for us. It features two cameras for different rooms, and you can zoom in on the baby (which I do obsessively just to make sure she's still breathing).

Summer Infant on Amazon

Image via Amazon.com

Infant Optics

This video monitor is a best seller on Amazon and for good reason. It's under 200 bucks, has the most customizable video capability around (trust me when I say it's harder than you would think to set up a camera to see your baby in a crib!), and has a crystal-clear, full-color screen.


But the COOLEST feature on this monitor is that the screen is sound activated. So the screen will light up when your baby is stirring, which is so helpful for those middle-of-the-night awakenings when you're waiting to see if the baby is really up or is just stirring.


Image via Amazon.com


If your budget is on the tighter end, this monitor is a great option. It has an almost four-star rating on Amazon and has many of the features of higher-priced video monitors.

Although the camera is stationary (meaning you can't zoom in or change the angle of the camera at all from the handheld video console, like the other two monitors), you will still be able to affix the camera to one point in the nursery or move it manually as necessary. It also has night vision and can play a few lullabies for your baby, if that's your jam.

I can't imagine my babies being soothed by a video monitor lullaby, but hey, you can't really beat it for under 60 dollars.


Have you invested in a video monitor? What do you think?

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3 of the Best Baby Video Monitors Around

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