3 Back-To-School Organization Tips You Need To Try

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A funny thing happens to me as a mother when I start drowning in the various paperwork, empty snack wrappers, dirty clothes, and the other paraphernalia of back-to-school season.

I start to get very, very cranky.

There's just something about papers flying everywhere, backpacks strewn about, and shoes littering my hallways that make me feel completely out of control.

I am a much better and happier mother if I can get some sort of handle on staying organized at the start of back-to-school season and with a new baby at home, I need all the help I can get. So I rounded up some great ideas for staying organized.

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Image via Chaunie Brusie

Cupboard paperwork holder

We have a very tiny kitchen. So tiny, in fact, that almost all of my drawers and cupboards are full. And yet, all of the school paperwork seems to get dumped on the kitchen counters, which drove me absolutely nuts. So I came up with a solution to get the paper out of my hair–literally. I fixed the cupboard above where the papers seemed to naturally gather with some 3M Magic and a hanging file folder. It works great and I am able to file important school paperwork away right away, where it stays hidden, but doesn't get lost. Get the full tutorial to make the holder here.

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Sock Bucket

This genius idea comes to us from Katie of Loyal, Loving, & Learning. If your kids are anything like mine, they walk in the door and whip off of their socks, never to see them again. To prevent the inevitable sock loss, Katie came up with a sock bucket solution. “As soon as my oldest comes in the door from school, she knows to take her shoes off and put them in a metal bin, and her socks in a small plastic bin (Dollar Spot at Target) that I attached to the shoe bin,” explains Katie. “This way, no socks get lost and there are no dirty, sandy shoes in my living room! It also helps because her shoes are always in the same spot. On laundry days, I just grab her socks out of the bin and toss them into the wash.”

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A dry erase calendar

It sounds old school in the world of smart phones, but I live by our family's giant dry erase calendar. Somehow, having it all on one calendar in one easy-to-see location is essential. It also helps me because my husband and I can check in at night and make sure we both have our schedules aligned. And other moms have found the calendar method helpful as well. “It does wonders for us!” comments Maria Forrester.

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What back-to-school organizational tips do you use?

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3 Back-To-School Organization Tips You Need To Try

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  1. Profile photo of Olivia Olivia says:

    I just bought the dry erase board yesterday! It is a life saver for all the school activities as well as letting my significant other know when I work and what he has to do if I have to work late on some nights.


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