26 Amazing Gift Ideas That Empower Girls

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Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy the little girls in your life. As a mom of two girls–and one boy–I love finding creative gifts that will empower my girls. Instead of getting them a doll dressed up like a doctor, I'm more likely to reach for the doctor kit.

Professional feminist, mom, and writer Veronica Arreola explains why this is the way to go. She says, “It's one thing to give her a doll that embodies an amazing career, it's another thing to help her understand what's behind the outfit.”

As a writer, I know I'd get a lot more from a book about writing and a notebook and pen than I would from a “Writer Barbie” doll, so I use this same exact logic when I'm gift giving.

I want all kids to get the same message: You can do anything. And the best way for kids to actually learn that message is to play. So let the (empowering) playing begin with these 26 amazing gift ideas that empower girls.

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Make sure baby girls hear the right messages from day one. I love this homemade sign from Etsy with one of my favorite messages: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Some other amazing choices include IQ Baby's Knock-Knock Blocks and Hape's Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-out Xylophone .

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Toddlers are ready to explore. Encourage this fabulous skill that will get her so very far with these empowering toddler girl gift picks!

PlanToys makes a wonderful Cone-Sorting Toy. I also love Fisher-Price's Little People Lil' Movers Airplane and PlanToys uber fun Plan Preschool Walk N Roll, Push and Pull.

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Preschoolers are inquisitive and their brains work quite literally like sponges, so make sure they're empowered and informed explorers who are still hearing the same great message–You're fierce and you can do anything–with these empowering gift ideas.


Little Adventures makes a rocking Super Hero cape–no pink required. I also love Green Toys' Cool Tool Set, Learning Resources's Gears! Gears! Gears!, PLAYMOBIL's 1.2.3. Moon Rocket, and PlasmaCar's uber fun–and adventurous–Plasma Car.

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Kindergarteners are spending more of their days at school with friends and teachers. Keep sending those same empowering messages at home with these great gifts ideas for kindergarten girls.

Moluk's Bilibo is a ridiculously fun toy that's active, creative, and will challenge her balance and strength. Who knew something so small could do so much? I also love Tedco's Blocks & Marbles Super Set, Quercetti's Saxoflute, Magna-Tiles Clear Colors set, and MindWare's Structures Plank Set.

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There's a lot of research that shows that grade school is when girls start to doubt their “I can do anything” attitudes. But that's not going to happen to our girls, right? Secure her strong sense-of-self base with these empowering gift ideas for grade school girls!

Roylco makes an amazing Straws & Connectors Building Set, and my own girls can't get enough of Elenco's Snap Circuits. I also love The Orb Factory's Pulsar Powerball Kits, Hue's Animation Studio, and Razor's A2 Kick Scooter.

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Our tweens are intuitive and sensitive. Feed their souls with (what is now) your same old, same old empowering messages with these tween-girl gift picks for strong girls!


I adore the Reaction Ball, Gibbon's Slack Line, and Asmodee's Timeline. Celestron's PowerSeeker Telescope is pretty amazing, as is their Handheld Digital Microscope.

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What's your favorite empowering gift to give to the girls in your life?

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26 Amazing Gift Ideas That Empower Girls

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