25 Love-Inspired Baby Names

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I am obsessed with baby names. And coming up with that perfect name is not easy–but it is fun! When I was looking for a name for my fourth child, I wanted something that was unusual, but not totally out there. I wanted it to have something special about it. When I came across the name, before we knew the gender, I was set, and I declared that it would be this child's name, whether it was a boy or girl.

When choosing names, I like to read everything about the name. I check out the meanings, the origin, the popularity, and I even Google other people with the same name. I want something that just hits me. I want it to fit with us as a family. And, after all, it's something both my child and I will have to live with for a lifetime.

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If you're searching for the perfect name for your baby, why not look to one of the most romantic and love-filled holidays for inspiration?

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Unisex Love Names: Not every couple finds out if they're expecting a boy or girl before the baby is born, but that doesn't mean you don't or can't have your name already picked out. If you're looking at unisex names (which I think are awesome), here are some unisex names inspired by love.

1. Angel: You can't get much more romantic than naming your boy or girl Angel, and there's no doubt it's all from love.
2. Avery: There is something about the sound of Avery that just screams romance to me. I think it's a beautiful name for a boy or girl, and seeing the name written out makes it seem even more romantic.
3. Emerson: This was a name that was on my short list when we were expecting our third child, and although we went a different route, this name is beautiful and has a lovely ring to it.

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Inspired by Romantic Destinations: There are some places in the world that just scream romance and love! There are a lot of names of places in the world that also make amazing names for babies, so here are some that you just have to read.

4. Paris: When you think of a romantic destination, there is no doubt that your mind goes straight to Paris! It's not only a beautiful place to visit, but it makes the most romantic baby name.
5. London: It may not be the first place you think of when you think of romance or a stand-out baby name, but I think it fits well for both, especially as a gorgeous unisex name.
6. Amelia: Amelia Island, Florida, was named one of America's Most Romantic Towns by Travel + Leisure, and it's also a very romantic name for any little girl.
7. Aspen: There is something about the mountains, the snow, and the need to cuddle to stay warm when you're visiting Aspen, Colorado, that just makes it a gorgeous and romantic destination. It also happens to be a very adorable name for a baby!
8. Ireland: It's a unique name for a child, but it won't be so far out there that you'll get weird looks. Inspired by the island in Europe, it screams romance!


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Inspired by Romantic Movies: There are some fictional couples that make love look so romantic. If you're looking for a name inspired by great loves, here are some you just can't miss.

9 & 10. Romeo and Juliet: I mean, what couple first comes to mind other than these two from Shakespeare's play? Sure, the ending was less than ideal, but there's no more memorable love story.
11 & 12. Noah and Allie: If you've seen the movie, The Notebook, or read the even-better book with the same name, you'll know how much these two loved each other.
13. Scarlett: I think this name alone is totally beautiful and sounds romantic on its own. But when you remember the elegant Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind, it's even more romantic!
14 & 15. Edward and Bella: OK, don't roll your eyes at me. I'm a big Twilight fan and not afraid to admit it. It's cheesy and, well, sparkly, but the romance between the teenager and vampire makes me fill with love, and these names are forever intertwined.

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Names That Mean “Love”: If you're looking for a baby name inspired by love, why not experiement with names that actually mean love? These are some beautiful picks.

16. Amor: You can't get much more love inspired than Amor, the Spanish word for love!
17. David: This name may not stand out to you as being love inspired, but if you're more into the common names, this is a good fit. Besides being a traditional favorite, the name David means “beloved one” in Hebrew.
18. Conor: I think this is a great name for a boy. While it doesn't sound too romantic, it means “lover of hounds,” according to Baby Names of Ireland, and there's a (tragic but interesting) love story attached to the name.
19. Vida: This name is so beautiful and comes as a short name from Davida, a Hebrew word that also means “dearly loved.”
20. Aimee: There is just something about the French-origin names that bring the romance, and Aimee is no different. Derived from aimer (to love), the name is certainly one that spreads the love!

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Inspired by the Color Red: There is no color that will strike both love, romance, and fire quite like the color red. It's the color of love, and these baby names are a perfect fit if this is your favorite color.


21. Garnet: A beautiful, dark-red jewel, but also a love-inspired name that has such a nice ring to it.
22. Red: So simple, but so sweet. It can be just as it is or a shortened name for Redmond or Redford!
23. Ruby: Ruby red is romantic, pretty, and is an equally gorgeous name for your darling girl.
24. Rose: Rose is a timeless name, and who can hear Rose and not think romance?
25. Crimson: When I think of this color, a bright, bold red comes to mind. If your baby has this type of personality, this may be the perfect name!

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25 Love-Inspired Baby Names

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