20 Perfect Gifts for the Little Sports Fan

sports gifts for baby sports fan
Images via respective owners, compiled by Sara McTigue

Whether the favorite sport is football, baseball, bowling, or weightlifting, dedicated sports fans share a commitment to their athletes and teams that is difficult to challenge. No doubt they'll be ready to pass along their enthusiasm to their child, and we've rounded up 20perfect items to share the love of their chosen sport.

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sports gift nap mat football soccer baseball basketball
Image via Amazon

Even the star quarterback has to take a break for a good sleep now and then. This sports-themed nap mat from Stephen Joseph is a great choice for on-the-go naps.

sports baby gift soccer
Image via Etsy/ MoJones

Whether you refer to this sport as futbol or soccer, score a goal with this adorable diaper cover from MoJones.

sports gift baby cleats
Image via First Cleats

She might not be able to walk yet, but she'll look ready to take the field in these soft shoes from First Cleats.

baseball baby gift birth announcement
Image via Etsy/ UrbanFarmhouseTampa

Hit a home run with this personalized baseball bat displaying the name and birth stats for the new arrival from UrbanFarmhouseTampa.

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volleyball onesie gift baby
Image via Etsy/ BrisTieDyes

Hand dyed and painted, this onesie and socks from BrisTieDyes (also available as a t-shirt) is a bright and comfy way to ace your gift for one with a love for volleyball.


hockey toddler toy gift
Image via Little Tikes

You won't need ice to share some hockey fun with the kids with this hockey set from Little Tikes.

football minky blanket sports gift
Image via Northwest Gifts

Not even the Superbowl winning touchdown could feel sweeter than cuddling your baby wrapped up in this soft football blanket from Northwest Gifts.

kids golf cart toy
Image via Walmart

Looking for a hole-in-one gift for your favorite little golfer? Look no further. This adorable kiddy golf cart more than makes the cut.

jersey shelf DIY sports baby
Image via Somewhat Simple

Are you more of a DIY-er? Check out this amazing project from Somewhat Simple to create a jersey shelf for the perfect room.

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basketball baby outfit gift
Image via Etsy/ MySweetKnittings

That little dribbler will be looking adorable in this set from MySweetKnittings.

skis baby child growth chart
Image via Etsy/ GrowthChartArt

See how much longer you'll have to wait for him to be ready to hit the slopes by keeping track on this wooden ski growth chart by GrowthChartArt.


football baby one piece gift
Image via Sugar Babies

Whether it's his first visit to the stadium or another game viewed from the couch, the little one will be looking ready for kickoff in this adorable one-piece from Sugar Babies.

mountain sports baby onesie
Image via Etsy/ mylittlemookie

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, sledding … whatever leads to the love of the mountain is paid tribute with this cute onesie from mylittlemookie.

bowling set baby personalized
Image via Etsy/ hcwoodcraft

Whether it's time to work on that strike or sitting on the shelf, this personalized bowling set from hcwoodcraft is an adorable gift for a little bowler.

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skateboarding baby onesie gift
Image via Etsy/ MiniSouls

We've all seen the “Baby on Board” signs, but this creative take on it by Mini Souls shows off some serious skate skills.

water baby gift onesie
Image via Etsy/ littledewdrops

Outfit the adorable water-baby who is ready to hit the ocean in this onesie and hat that shows off a perfect wave from littledewdrops.


running bib onesie baby
Image via Etsy/ CheerBabyClothing

Not your typical bib — this race-ready onesie from CheerBabyClothing will perfectly outfit Mom's future running partner.

tennis nursery art baby owl
Image via Etsy/ barkingbirdart

What's not to love about this owl art print from barkingbirdart?

weightlifting baby toy barbell gift
Image via Perpetual Kid

Baby will be ready for some heavy lifting of his own with these Buff Baby dumbells from Perpetual Kid.

sports art baby alphabet print
Image via Etsy/ RocketBug

From archery to ziplining, this art print from RocketDog shows off an alphabet of sports to love.

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Which sports gift would be perfect for the little fan in your life?

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20 Perfect Gifts for the Little Sports Fan

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