20 Names You’ll Probably See In Your Kid’s Kindergarten Class this Year

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It's that time of year again when parents are either really excited or nervous, and kids are equally so. It's back-to-school time, and if you've had enough of your kids being home during summer break, you're probably happy to get back to a regular routine.

Many of you are about to send your baby to kindergarten, and it's a bowl of mixed emotions. You're excited to have a little more space away from the kids, but at the same time, it's emotional to see them going out into the world. You may be worried about how they're going to like it — if they're going to make a lot of friends — all while you try to grasp where the past five years have gone.

It feels like just yesterday when you were choosing the name for your new baby and going through those popular baby lists to find out if your choice is the perfect one for your family. That's one thing you'll be seeing more of now that your little one is starting kindergarten — the power of those popular names.

Check out this list of the top 20 baby names from five years ago, and I bet you'll see more than a few on your kindergartener's class list this year.


10th Most Popular

Girl: Mia

Boy: Anthony


9th Most Popular

Girl: Chloe

Boy: Aiden

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8th Most Popular

Girl: Madison

Boy: Daniel


7th Most Popular

Girl: Abigail

Boy: Noah


6th Most Popular

Girl: Emily

Boy: Alexander

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5th Most Popular

Girl: Ava

Boy: William


4th Most Popular

Girl: Olivia

Boy: Jayden


3rd Most Popular


Girl: Emma

Boy: Michael

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2nd Most Popular

Girl: Sophia

Boy: Ethan


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Most Popular Names

Girl: Isabella

Boy: Jacob

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What names do you remember being popular back in 2010? Share in the comments!

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20 Names You’ll Probably See In Your Kid’s Kindergarten Class this Year

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  1. allison says:

    Well I pretty sure my daughters name won’t be in the common list of names. That’s because her name is DECEMBER AURORA. She’s will be four on Saint Patrick’s Day. N my oldest son his name is NIKKO he’s 15yrs.old. my youngest sons name is Seth. Yes it was very common in his class. He’s almost 11. ANYWHO I do know my nephews name is Noah so he probably have a lot of Noah in his class. Thanx for letting me post


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