16 Parents Share Their First Thought When They Realized They Were Pregnant

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I can still remember it like it was yesterday, taking the pregnancy test and wondering if it was finally going to show up with two lines. I can remember that moment each time I found out I was pregnant and those first thoughts of both extreme excitement and wonderment.

Whether your pregnancy was planned or a surprise, that first moment of realizing your whole life is about to change is a big one. We reached out to parents to hear what their first thoughts were when they realized they were pregnant — or their partner was pregnant. Their responses show there is no right or wrong way to feel in that moment. 

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“To be honest, I sat there completely silent for a few minutes (hours?) with almost no thoughts. I was literally paralyzed with [overwhelming feelings], followed by an onslaught of emotion and thoughts and everything in between. The second time was about the same.” — Jason Fisher

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” ‘Wow. WOW. Now I can totally eat whatever I want! Pizza here I come!' and ‘Totally must be a boy.' ” — Jennifer

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What about those beers?

“The very first thought was about the beers I had just the day before. I knew a beer or two early in the pregnancy doesn't matter, but [I] couldn't help but feel a little guilty!

“Then my immediate thought turned to how happy my husband would be because I knew it was something he had wanted for some time but didn't want to push me on. Plus, I purposely took the pregnancy test on his birthday in case it might be a nice 35th birthday gift. And it was!” — Bora

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Thank you!


“Thank you, God. (And we're not even religious. But our pregnancy was intentional and via IVF — so we were incredibly joyous.)” — Aela

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I'm responsible for everything!

“With my daughter, I was overcome by the sense of responsibility, so my first thought was ‘Oh crap.' All of a sudden, I'm growing a human being IN MY BODY, and I'm responsible for this little life! Every breath of air, every drink of water, every bite of food, everything I applied to my body, and every thought that ran through my body had positive or negative potential. It was a bit overwhelming. I relaxed about the whole thing after a while, but, yeah — I was like ‘Oh crap.'

“With my son, I thought ‘Well, OK then!' We were ‘one and done.' While we had changed our minds, and while we had consciously conceived our son, it all happened so fast (first try!), we realized there was no changing our minds. There was no turning back. There was no ‘Oh, we tried, and it didn't work out.'

“So there we were … PREGNANT! People would say ‘Oh, this is SO EXCITING! Aren't you excited?!' For the first eight months of the pregnancy, I was still getting over the shock of it all, and I'd answer ‘Well, EXCITING would be a STRONG word, but yeah, it's somethin' alright!' Of course, the moment he was born, balance was restored, but until nearly then, I was gobsmacked and head-spun that I was pregnant at all! And, yes, I had the same ‘Oh crap!' moments as I did with our first.” — Suzanne P. Reese

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That's why.


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How will we pay for this?

“I distinctly remember that the immediate emotion to come into my head when I saw that second pink line was a feeling of deep honor. I felt deeply honored to be entrusted with a child. And then in about one second, I got shaky all over and thus began the two questions on loop: ‘How will we pay for this?' and ‘Where will we put a baby in our house?' But first and foremost, I was honored.” — Ellen Tift

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No turning back.


“With my very first child it was, ‘Oh my God. There is no turning back now!' ” — Elizabeth Borsting

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How will this come out?

“It is super exciting to see two lines appear. After all, how many of those little sticks did we pee on, talking to it and rooting it on for a second line to appear? But then, suddenly, as if it's out of nowhere, a slightly lighter pink line begins to come to life! Is this device defective? I must take a second, and [then] again in the morning.

“I could make a lot of money on sticks from those tests. I went on vacation and packed enough to take the test each and every morning to be sure the two lines would continue to appear. But after the initial excitement of that stick, the reality sets in, and all you can think of is ‘Oh my gosh. [How] will this thing come out?' ” — Emily Francis

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“Miracle! With tons of tears of joy. (Twins — when we were worried we'd never get pregnant.)” — Laura

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Sound like an air horn.

“After seven years of actively trying to get pregnant with lots of help from infertility specialists and finally a round of IVF at 40, when I found out I was pregnant, I thought the person on the phone had my records mixed up with someone else's. I simply did not believe she was correct.

“I asked her to confirm that she had the correct patient's records in front of her. As she double checked my info, my hearing got flooded with a sound from my brain that was getting louder and louder. It sounded like an air horn. When she confirmed that she had the correct records, she then started giving me further instructions of what to do. I told her that I would have to call her back because I couldn't concentrate on or even hear what she was saying. It was a great day.” — Lisa Eaton of Bowtie.com

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” ‘He did it again' With the fifth baby!” — Dana

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Woah. Life is going to change.

“I was ecstatic when I got pregnant. I always looked forward to the day that I would become a mom. When I saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test, I knew my whole life would change and was so excited. I was a realtor at the time. I guess the excitement showed on my face. When my husband saw me, he said, ‘You look so happy. Did you just sell a house?' I told him that we were pregnant, and we both celebrated. Love to look back on the memory of that day.” — Beth Bryan

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Oh …

“Oh sh*t, I did bad math.” — Nicole

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My body is capable of creating life!

“When I found out that I was pregnant for the first time, all I could think about was the idea that my body was actually capable of creating life. It was realization and confusion mixed together. Definitely a moment I will never forget.” — Meg Gerritson

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I won't fit.

“I won't be able to fit into the expensive pencil skirt I just bought at Banana Republic for that wedding I'm in next month …” — Emily

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What was the first thing you thought when you found out you were pregnant? Share in the comments!

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16 Parents Share Their First Thought When They Realized They Were Pregnant

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