15 Last Names that Make Perfect First Names

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If you're looking for a unique name for your baby that won't make a “what were they thinking” list, there are a lot of places you can pull inspiration from. You can look through your family tree or you can look at the last names of people you know.

Surnames typically come from the family line, but if you look at the names independently, they're actually perfect for first names. They're strong sounding, have a lot of history behind them, and they're unique enough to have your child's name remembered.

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If you're looking for a suitable name for your perfect baby, here are 15 typical surnames that make fantastic first names.

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Clark: Superman may come to mind, but Clark is typically a surname that works as a strong choice.


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Dixon: Think of all the sweet nicknames you can pull from this totally adorable name.


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Cassidy: I think this name is so adorable for a sweet little girl.


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Lincoln: There is no question this name has a strong presence behind it, and it's even better for a first name.



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Beckett: I can just imagine an adorable curly haired boy running around being called inside with this name.



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McKenzie: Another name that is fitting for a boy or a girl.

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Ross: We know Ross from Friends, and that's reason enough for me to use this name.


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Reed: I think this name is so sweet because it's not too common and perfectly unique.

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Riley: A great choice for a boy or girl.

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Connor: A name that has a strong sound.


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Ellis: It sounds like an old-school name, but that's what makes it's so adorable.

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Campbell: I know of Pete Campbell from Mad Men, but this name is perfectly suitable for the first name of a business man.

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Fitzgerald: If you're a fan of the TV show Scandal, then you'll get why this is a great name for a future leader.


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Kennedy: I love this name for a boy or a girl, and with such a strong surname connection, it's a great choice.

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Carson: Carson Daly has s name that reminds me of another famous host, Johnny Carson.

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15 Last Names that Make Perfect First Names

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  1. CM says:

    I know it’s a trend these days to use gender neutral names or last names as a first name but honestly I can’t stand it. It sounds annoying and pretentious and too trendy. Also anything on the top 10 or 20 list of names is overdone too. How many Sophia’s, Ava’s, Emma’s, Olivia’s, Liam’s, Aiden’s, Finn’s etc. do we need? These names are nice but when everyone names their kid the same 5 or 6 names, they lose something and no longer sound special. 20-30 years ago almost everyone in my classes had a different name with one or two repeats but that was it.
    Even worse is all of the weird and silly names that celebrities are naming their kids: North West. Blue Ivy, Apple, etc. That is just ridiculous!
    I like traditional and gender specific first names that are easy to pronounce, not too popular, but not unheard of either. Examples: Christopher, Nicholas, Michael, Susanna, Crystal,Irene, Robert, Mary, Christine, Madeline, Natalie, Shirley, Joseph, George, Caroline, Alexandra, Nicole, etc. These classic but not old fashioned sounding names just sound nicer and have a lot more character to me.
    Anyway, this is just my opinion and that what this website is for. I know some will agree with me and I know some won’t. In the end as long as you love it (and hopefully your kid will too) that’s all that really matters.

  2. Stacy says:

    I know someone that used her maiden name for her son’s name- his name is Dean.

  3. Sheena says:

    Both of my babies names originate from surnames. Our son’s name is Connor and our little girl’s is Payslee (Paisley)…. I just love how they both sound and the fact that they’re different as well!!


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