15 Baby Names Inspired by Summer

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I have a confession for you: I am not really a big fan of summer. I know, this season seems to be the favorite for so many, but heat and sun are not my friend. There are a lot of activities and happenings that make the summer fun, but if we could have spring-type weather with the summer fun, I'd be one happy lady.

While summer may not be the ideal temperature for me (and, well, it's downright miserable when I'm pregnant), the summer season does bring a lot of inspiration when trying to find the perfect baby name. From holidays with families to the fun activities that only seem possible in the summer, inspiration for baby names is all over the place. Add in the fact that this season is a favorite to so many, and if you're one who loves it, what better inspiration to pull for a baby that you're going to love to no end as well?

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Check out these 15 summer-inspired baby names and, who knows, maybe you'll find the perfect one!

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Summer weather-inspired

Sunny/Sonny: Who better to look towards for the best name than the sun? This unisex name is perfect no matter how you choose to spell it.

Summer: Obvious, right? This name brings sunshine and happy vibes to anyone donning the name.

Lucy: This name is making a comeback, and since it means “light,” it's totally summer inspired.

August: The month of summer where everything is at its hottest and brightest!

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Summer activity-inspired

River: So many fun activities take place in the summer on the rivers and lakes. Think tube riding, white-water rafting, and all that adventure. Also, perfect name for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Lief: Leaves are in full-force color this season in bright and vibrant greens and reds, which offer nothing but happiness–just like your little boy!


Sky: During the summer, we have brighter skies for longer hours, and it's a gorgeous name for either boy or girl.

Storm: There is nothing wrong with a cooling summer storm, and while the name may sound intense, it could fit wonderfully for a chilled, relaxed baby.

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Summer color-inspired

Goldie: The bright yellows, reds, and oranges inspired by the bright sun make this adorable girl name perfectly inspired by the season.

Boyd: This name, which is Celtic and means “blonde,” reminds me of all the blonde kids whose hair is even brighter in the summer sun.

Blaine: If you want a strong name that's not too popular, Blaine is a great choice. It means “yellow,” and what other seasons would fit that color better?

Blue: Celebrities are taking on this non-traditional name, and since it goes well with the blue skies and blue water, there's no doubt some help from the season in there.

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Summer holiday-inspired

One of the first summer holidays of each season is the 4th of July, and who better to inspire your children than historic presidents?

Think names like Lincoln, Kennedy, and George, and you'll have strong boy (or girl) names that are proven to be fit for the leaders.

Does your child have a seasonally-inspired name?

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15 Baby Names Inspired by Summer

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