12 Parents Share: If I Let My Kid Name the Baby, It Would Be …

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Coming up with baby names requires a lot of careful thought. Some people like the traditional names, not wanting to sway too much from the most popular names list. Others like to go way off in another direction — like celebrities who are often said to have offspring with strange names.

One thing is for sure, though: asking for input and advice can sometimes go wrong. Everyone has an opinion, prompting some people to keep their decision to themselves. I liked talking with my own children to get their thoughts on what the baby should be named (when we were expecting). It helps them feel like they're involved and part of the process, and they have some seriously creative name ideas.

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If you think your children came up with weird names for your baby-to-be, you're not alone. Twelve parents share the sometimes normal, sometimes not, names their older children have suggested for the new baby.

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“Climbing Kitty, Eating Kitty: those are two names my kids gave for the new baby.” — Alexandra

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“Permia or Poona or Rosetta” — Brandee

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“Rainbow. Suffice to say I vetoed :)” – Jillian

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Tootsie Roll

🙂 – Molly

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“Daisy and Fronts.” — Natalie

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“When I was pregnant, Dustin wanted to name the baby, Baby Hank, if it was going to be a boy and Baby Flower if it was a girl. After the miscarriage, I didn't know the sex of the baby so we refer to that baby as Baby Flower.” — Jessica

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“Dolphin Regular Cars” – Brandy

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“It was a running joke that if we had a boy, we should name him Brock Lee.” — Jacqueline

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“Mine actually did. When I was pregnant with the youngest, the eldest decided that I was having a girl and her name was Jessica. It turned out we were having a boy, but she insisted that his name would still be Jessica, which obviously wasn't going to happen.

“As a surprise, we gave him the middle name Jesse. She was thrilled.” – Mara

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“Marley currently wants to name this baby Sparkle Rose Lumina.” — Krystal


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— Tori


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— Julianna

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If you were to let your child name your baby, what would their name be? Please share in the comments!

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12 Parents Share: If I Let My Kid Name the Baby, It Would Be …

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  1. Profile photo of Elisha Elisha says:

    My son who will be 10 before this baby comes wanted to name a boy “Robin Hood” from the animated movie and Katie for a girl cause he liked it. I am having a boy who will be named Jonathan.

  2. Profile photo of Wenonah Wenonah says:

    My son wanted to name his brother Kalandin (after a character in the Stormlight Archives series.) A girl would have been Shallan. I told him the name would be good for our grandchildren (ie his own) but we would claim our parental naming rights.

  3. Profile photo of Leanna Leanna says:

    With our last daughter we had a hard time thinking of a name for her, we knew we couldn’t just go with ordinary after having unusual for the first 3. I was talking to my daughters and my now 8 year old said Zareena, and SO and I were like OMG that’s perfect. Turns out it was the pirate fairy’s name in the underbelly movie, lol.

  4. Profile photo of Jessi Jessi says:

    For our oldest daughter my husbands friends wanted to name her “Charmander” after the pokemon (We named her Keira)

    For my second daughter my oldest wanted to name her “Sparkle Flower” so we referred to her as Sparkle Flower for the whole pregnancy (Her real name is Kenzie)

    For my third daughter we let the oldest pick her pregnancy name and she went back and forth a lot but finally it was “Rainbow Star” (She was named Caroline)

    I thought it was a fun tradition to give all of my kids in womb names… we still have people ask how Sparkle Flower is doing

  5. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    My sons have compromised that this baby should be named Cornelius Batman. “But we can call him Corny”

  6. Profile photo of Cherie Cherie says:

    When we were thinking about baby names for this baby (due march 14, 2016 😀 ) our 11 year old son suggested names like August and Julien and Via. We decided to go with Via Lynn if we have a girl 🙂 (pronunciated like Mia)

  7. Profile photo of Melinda Melinda says:

    My daughter wants to name the baby Figaro. We had no idea where it came from until we Googled that Figaro is the name of Minnie Mouse’s pet cat.


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