12 Nickname-Proof Baby Names

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There are so many places to look for inspiration to find the perfect baby name for your child-to-be. You can choose from family history, culture, literature, and everything in between. Choosing your child's name is one of the most fun and sometimes scary choices we make as parents, and oftentimes, one of the first big ones.

There are other major things to take into consideration, too. The name has to be more than “just great” before you sign the certificate, giving them a name forever. You have to consider how it will sound with your last name, how it sounds with any siblings, social meanings that may be there, and nicknames that can come from the name.

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One factor I had when choosing my kids' names was a desire to make sure they were”nickname-proof”. Growing up, and even now, I don't like to be called any shorter version of my real name. (Yes, I hate being called “Dev”). So it was important to me that we took it into consideration.

If you're not too keen on the nicknamed names either, here are 12 that I consider to be pretty nickname-proof!

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Mya: Such a gorgeous name that can be spelled a few different ways, but you can't really pull a nickname out of it, which makes it even more appealing.

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Aida: I love this name for its uniqueness that will stand among the crowd. It's short already, and there's no obvious way to make it even more so.

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Max: While you may think of this as a nickname already, if you embrace this short-form and don't use a full version (like Maximillian), it's hard to shorten it any more! It is a common celebrity choice for baby names, too.

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Ford: You may think trucks or Harrison (who can resist Han Solo, after all?), but Ford is a name that's strong on its own, and there's no easy way to find a nickname out of it.


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Rose: This name is so classic, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's got all the qualities of a perfect name, from the simple, easy to spell qualities, to the gorgeous flower it's named after. Bonus: you can't shorten it either!

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Chloe: Chloe is a very popular name right now, but when you think about it, it's easy to see why. It's beautiful, timeless, and no obvious nicknames to come out of it.

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Aiden: Popular names must be trendy for a reason, and if you like names that stand up to any shortening, this one can do it!

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Levi: I have loved this name since I was a little girl and not because it is hard to come up with a nickname–it also happens to not be too trendy, and it's cute!

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Emma: Girly, not too common or uncommon, and also can be a used as a nickname for Emily, but it's a great name to put on your baby's birth certificate.

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Bryn: There are a few ways to spell Bryn, but it's not easy to peg out a nickname. Nothing cutesy or upsetting–just a name that's beautiful all on its own.

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Eli: A great name that is spawned from a nickname for Eliot or Elijah but very able to stand on its own. I really like this name, and it's rare that I like a nickname more than a name.

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Ace: This name is good enough for Jessica Simpson's son, and being only three letters, you can't really get it any more short.


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Do you take nicknames into account when you're choosing baby names?

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12 Nickname-Proof Baby Names

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  1. verochka31 says:

    I also like Inessa (girl), Isabella or Izabella…………Bella, Maxim (boy)………….Max, Veronika…………..Ronnie

  2. verochka31 says:

    Thats why I pick names that have descent nicknames.

    Liliyana……………..L’yana or Yana
    Alexander…………..Alex or Liv

    middlle names………

  3. Ashley says:

    My mom went to school with a Max & his nickname was maxi pad. He was a red head too….

  4. Erica says:

    You can always shorten a name to just the first letter. It’s inevitable. My mother in law named one of her sons Jeremiah so he can be called Jeremy. She didn’t want to name him Jeremy because then they would end up calling him Jerry. It doesn’t make sense to me that logic. My daughter is named Evelyn and some family members call her Evie. We only call her Evelyn. It’s up to you and it will eventually be up to the kid when they are at school. Agreed? Does any one else see it that way? It is always good to think of nick names though. My sister in law tells a story of twins, their parents didn’t want matchy names so they used Nicolas and Patrick. Their nick names became Nick Nack Patty Wack. Think of names from all angles but just remember, if kids want to make fun of other kids, they will find anything to nick name. Again, inevitable.

  5. ashleydisel says:

    Thanks for this informative blog. Well you have suggested some good names here.

  6. Brynn says:

    My name is Brynn, and I have more nicknames than I can count. None of them are shorter than Brynn. Brynncess, Brynnsta, Brynnjamin Franklin, Brynnsylvania, Brynnifer, etc. I think its fun and funny though. :o)


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