12 Baby Names Inspired by Classic Fairy Tales

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There are so many places to find inspiration for baby names, and classic books, characters, and fairy tales are great places to look.

If you fell in love with a character from your favorite fairy tale movie or book at any age, look to that loved story to find the inspiration for your child-to-be's name. Many people know the beloved stories we call fairy tales, and yet the names don't seem to be too popular in today's time, so you get the bonus of a common name without being too “out there.”

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If you're still on the lookout for the perfect baby name, check out these 12 names inspired by classic fairy tales, and you may just find the one of your dreams.

Baby names

Inspired by Pinocchio

When I was younger, this movie kind of scared me a bit during that whale scene. Oh, and the donkey scene, too. But there is something about this sweet story that just sticks with you. Also, the names you can find throughout the movie are perfect choices for your baby.

Jiminy: The beloved cricket with the conscience. It's a wonderful choice for a boy.

Figaro: It has such a fancy ring to it; it's a perfect choice for a sweet little boy.

Cleo: I love this sweet name for a girl. It's feminine without being too unusual, and it's adorable!

Baby names

Inspired by The Snow Queen

This fairy tale is not always well known, but it served as the inspiration for the mega-hit that is Disney's Frozen. You should get to know it!

Kai: I am so in love with this simple, but sweet, name!

Gerda: This name sounds so old-school, and that's why I love it so much.

Finn: If you're hoping for a name that is not too obvious on where it came from, yet has some ties to this fairy tale, Finn is perfect.

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Baby names

Inspired by Puss in Boots

I love this fairy tale so much, and when Dreamworks made an animated version, I fell in love with the story even more. It's got cute animals, an adventurous story, and, oh, it's just awesome.

Estella: This name has so much elegance to it. It's perfect for your sweet little girl.

Ivana: I love the classic sound of this name, and since it's not too popular, it makes it even better in my eyes.

Guiseppe: Looking for a name with some staying power and importance behind it? This name is one of those names you don't ever forget.


Baby names

Inspired by Hansel and Gretel

Why this fairy tale hasn't been made into a big animated movie, I don't know, but it should be. The story is interesting and one that sticks with you forever.

Hansel: There probably won't be any confusion where this name inspiration came from, but it's a name that isn't used too often, but should be.

Gretel: She is a strong female character who, in the original fairy tale, overcomes the evil witch, and that strength can be great for the little girl in your life (though chances are she's not going to come across a candy house in the forest).

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Baby names

Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk

This fairy tale was one of the first ones I heard as a child, and while the name inspiration may not be obvious to others, naming your son Jack can be a great head nod to this fairy tale.

What is your favorite baby name inspired by a classic fairy tale? Share your pick in the comments!

Baby names

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12 Baby Names Inspired by Classic Fairy Tales

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