12 Awkward Patriotic Family Photos

Image via Today

“Just own the night like the Fourth of July…”

There's nothing wrong with a little pride in your country. However, sometimes that America love gets taken a bit too far.

Here are 11 of the most awkward patriotic family photos the Internet has to offer.

Image via Daily Mail

What a Yankee Doodle Dandy pair!

Image via Awkward Family Photos

We wouldn't be smiling either.

Image via New York Daily News

Dance like America's watching.

Image via Daily Mail

This is all kinds of red, white, and wrong.

Image via Daily Mail

And crown thy good with this sweet hat and shades combo.

Image via Chicago Theater Beat

Home of the free, land of the Snuggie.

Image via Daily Mail

She's as All-American as apple pie.

Image via Today

These three are celebrating the Star-Bangled Banner.

Image via Awkward Family Photos

These outfits were on their bucket lists.

Image via Awkward Family Photos

You're a grand old flag outfit, indeed.

Image via Awkward Family Photos

Ready for an Independence Day Ugly Sweater Party.

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12 Awkward Patriotic Family Photos

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