11 Awesome Ways to Burn Energy and Get Kids Moving Indoors

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It's summer! In some parts of the country, that means harsh sun and temperatures approaching the triple digits. While enjoying the sun is fun, parents also find ourselves looking for ways to kids to burn off energy indoors.

Luckily there are lots of good, simple options for keeping kids active and preventing them from literally climbing the walls.

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Rocket Blasts

This may not sound like an indoor activity at first glance, but my kids love their Slam Rocket set so much we decided to try it inside, and it yielded great results. The Poof Strato-Slam Rocket Battle Blast comes with two separate launchers and six rockets.

We take turns launching the rockets up the steps, and between jumping on the launcher, running up and down the steps to retrieve rockets, and setting up the rockets again, my Fitbit tells me I'm getting a ton of exercise through this simple game.

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Dance Party

There are a couple of different ways to get kids moving just by putting on some music. When you see the kids getting bored, start blasting some tunes and announce “Dance Party!” to get them up and dancing.

Turn it into a dance contest, freeze dance, or even musical chairs if you have a group.

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Trampolines aren't just for gymnastics studios. A mini-trampoline is a great way to get kids active indoors. In fact, some parents require kids to jump while watching TV.


I've found that just having a small trampoline out is a great way to encourage exercise. Give kids a little extra motivation with an enclosed trampoline, like this one from Skywalker. Some even have interactive components such as animal sounds and Lilly pads.

little tikes
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It's undeniable that kids have a deep-seated need to climb. But what's a well-meaning parent with a grouchy preschooler to do when it's just not possible to go to the playground?

Try a sturdy, compact indoor climber like the Little Tikes Dome and Tunnel Climber. It brings the best of the playground inside.

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Since it is summer, there will be plenty of time spent indoors escaping the heat. But this doesn't mean families need to sit around with passive entertainment.

Remember Twister? It has gotten an update with the Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots game, where players constantly move around to get their feet on the correct colored spot. Get an optional movement counter to help kids and parents keep track of how much they are moving and encourage them to beat one another's top score.

bounce house
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This one might sound a little crazy, but I've found a bounce house that can be used indoors! The Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide Bouncer also has a built-in basketball hoop to keep kids active longer.

While recommended for outdoor use, a smaller bounce house is a good investment to keep kids moving even when it's too hot to go outside. As a bonus, your friends will be dying to come to you for playdates and it can be used for birthday parties as well.

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kid yoga class
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Gym Class

Have your child give you a PE lesson. You could choose yoga moves, soccer kicks, karate chops, hopping over a jump rope, dance steps, or anything that gets your child up and moving. You could even plan a performance for the next time grandparents visit and encourage frequent rehearsals.

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Hip Hop

Place some quarters on the ground, tape pieces of colored construction paper to the floor, or make a trail with colored tape and ask kids to hop, hop, hop! Make the game progressively more challenging (and longer lasting) by giving kids different tasks to perform along the trail starting with crawling, walking, running, hopping on two feet, then finally hopping on one foot.

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Balloon Toss

Playing ball indoors is a no-no, but tossing around a balloon can keep kids busy for hours. Play volleyball with a balloon or ask kids to keep the balloon in the air by tapping it for as long as they can.

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Relay Race

Parents or multiple children can get moving together by seeing how far or fast you can walk as a three-legged creature or as a wheelbarrow.


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Play Monster

Kids will run (and run) in delight trying to get away from the tickle monster. Once you catch your child, let him be the monster and catch you!

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11 Awesome Ways to Burn Energy and Get Kids Moving Indoors

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