10 Winter Activities to Do with Your Children

Family Winter Activities
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Much like any other parent, I really struggle with coming up with activities to keep my kids busy during the winter months. We live in Maryland where snow removal is a bit of a joke, and I grew up in New England where school was rarely canceled due to snow.

Here in Maryland, the districts cancel school even when there are just a few inches of snow coating the ground. As much as I despise the snow and the cold, I force myself to get outside with my kids.

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Here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that you and your children may also enjoy this winter!

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Go for a nature walk on a trail. If there is snow on the ground, bring a sled, snowshoes, or cross-country skis.

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Go ice fishing.

ice skating
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Go ice skating.

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Read snow-themed books.

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Teach your kids how to shovel snow.

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Build a snowman indoors with homemade play dough.


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Go sledding with your kids — even if it takes you longer to get them dressed than the time they want to spend outside. The experience is worth it!

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Have a “create your own hot chocolate contest” where everyone makes hot chocolate using various toppings. Then vote on who made the tastiest cup.

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Photograph historical buildings and monuments under a fresh blanket of snow.

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Don't forget to document your winter fun with plenty of selfies with your kids!

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What are your favorite family winter activities?

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10 Winter Activities to Do with Your Children

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