10 Ways to Fancy Up Pancakes and Eggs

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There are several reasons why following EverydayFamily on Pinterest is a smart idea. For example, maybe your family right now is begging you to make breakfast, and you know that pancakes and eggs will make them happy, but you want to go the extra mile and put a little spin on their favorite dish. So you turn to Pinterest, which is exactly what I did. I sought inspiration on the Who's Hungry? board and found ten ways to fancy up pancakes and eggs.

egg in avocado
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Egg Baked in Avocado

Instead of frying up an egg, try baking one in an avocado. It only takes minutes to prepare and cook, and when it's done, top it off with bits of bacon, a drizzle of hot sauce, more avocado, or some fresh herbs.

lemon ricotta pancakes
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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Liven up your pancakes with a refreshing combination of lemon and ricotta.

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breakfast sandwiches
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Breakfast Biscuits

On busy mornings, a quick, portable, and satisfying breakfast is in order. Combine a favorite breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon by sandwiching an egg, a slice of cheese, and a bit of bacon between its flaky layers.

pumpkin bread french toast
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Pumpkin Bread French Toast

French toast is delicious, yes, but when it's made with pumpkin bread, it's even more so. Try it. You'll like it!

spinach and egg breakfast sandwich
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Egg and Spinach Breakfast Sandwiches

Add a little spinach to scrambled eggs for a wholesome, hearty meal. Make it fancy by serving it on a toasted English muffin.

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pumpkin pancakes
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Spiced Apple Pumpkin Pancakes

The long-awaited autumn deserves to be celebrated with pumpkin pancakes and spiced apples.

eggs in puff pastry
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Egg in Puff Pastry

There are few things fancier than a little puff pastry. Impress your family by serving up this fancy dish.

french toast bake
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French Toast Bake

When you just don't feel like standing over a hot griddle, cooking individual French toasts, make a French toast bake. It tastes and looks lovely.

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eggs in the hole
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Eggs in the Hole

Eggs in the Hole is the prettiest way to serve up a simple breakfast of eggs and toast.

puffed pancake
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Puffed Apple Pancake

Light, airy, filling. Apple-topped puff pancakes are divine.

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What's your favorite breakfast?

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10 Ways to Fancy Up Pancakes and Eggs

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