10 Unexpected Pregnancy Cravings That Will Turn Your Stomach

pregnancy cravings pickles and ice cream
Image adapted via Flickr/ Vegan Feast Catering

The trite stereotype of a pregnant lady standing in her kitchen at midnight, scraping ice cream out of a carton with a pickle may not be too far from the truth for some women. Pregnancy cravings run the gamut from normal and healthy (watermelon for me with my son) to the unusual and … not-so-healthy (spicy anything, especially spicy and deep fried with my daughter.)

I asked some friends, readers, and bloggers to dish about their most unusual pregnancy craving combinations. Warning: Don't read this before a meal — you might end up not-so-hungry after reading some of the things these ladies craved during pregnancy!

pregnancy cravings funyuns cottage cheese
Images via Target

“I craved big Cheezits and cottage cheese. I also ate Funyuns and spicy nacho brats.” – Sara Hodges

nachos and banana splits
Images via Flickr/ jeffreyw and pancit tinola

“There was a month where all I could eat was soup. There was another month that I would only eat breakfast foods. Towards the end, it was nachos and banana splits.” – Susie James

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doritos and cream cheese
Images via Target

“I loved to eat bagel sandwiches with cream cheese … and Doritos.” – Sara Boyle

pregnancy cravings citrus cucumbers
Image via Flickr/ brazilnut72 and karenandbrademerson

“Anything citrus! Not very weird, I guess. But lemonade, grapefruits, lemon on cucumbers, orange juice, and oranges (like 3 a day!)” – Carli Walker

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Images via Target

“Pickles dipped in strawberry yogurt and chocolate cake. At the same time.” – Melissa Nielsen

Image via Flickr/ thebittenword.com

“I used to dream of Easter ham!” – Alexandra Rosas

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pregnancy cravings fried chicken pineapples
Images via Target and Flickr/ stu_spivack

“Fried chicken and pineapples!!! I would get so hungry I felt like barfing, and nothing else would satisfy the hunger pangs.” – Stephanie Snyder

Image via Flickr/ brazilnut72

“Mine was lemons! I'd eat them like apples. I've always loved lemons but never to that extent.” – Tonya Wertman

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Image via Flickr/ La Grande Farmers' Market

“I craved radishes whenever I was newly preggers — eaten with salt and lemon juice.” – Paige Holland

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.10.57 PM
Image via Taco Bell

“Bean Tostadas from Taco Bell. Seriously like twice a day for three months. Oh, I drank milk and ate ice cream daily. I'M LACTOSE INTOLERANT, PEOPLE!” – Jessica Clay

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What was your strangest pregnancy craving?

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10 Unexpected Pregnancy Cravings That Will Turn Your Stomach

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