10 Tips to Maintain A Healthy Marriage During Your Baby’s First Year of Life

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Maintaining a lasting marriage takes a lot of work and commitment. Throw in a kid, and it's even harder. There never seems to be enough time for each other, unless you make a point to schedule time for each other. The thought of scheduled couple time seems a bit unromantic, but it's necessary when you have children.

Here are some great ideas for maintaining a healthy marriage while parenting small children.

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“Make sure you give your spouse breaks to do our their thing, as well as taking time with each other. Even if it is just a movie night together on the couch after the kids have gone to bed, make it priority.”

— Desirae Rasmussen

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A popular tip among couples was making time for each other once the kids are in bed.

“We've put the kids to bed a little early and saved dinner to eat after they are asleep.” — Melissa Meserve, mom of three

“We put down the phones after the kids are in bed and [chatted] for at least 10-15 minutes.” — Kristen Kudarauskas, mom of two

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“Say ‘thank you' a lot, even for small things.”

— Chad Skill, dad of three

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Many couples are making it a point to hire a babysitter for an occasional date night. My husband and I really need to work on this one.

“We make sure we spend alone time together — get a babysitter and have a date night once a month, if possible.” — Amy of Marvelous Mommy

“We make time for date nights! We also hold hands even when the kids are with us. It means a lot, but [it's] so little.” — Julie Leach, Life As a Leach: We Choose Joy

“Dates. Sometimes for breakfast. Sometimes at 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes for groceries. But dates.” — Sonja Mangrum, mom of three

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“Dates and afternoon weekend sex while the youngest is napping and the oldest is at a friend's house.” — Pete Baltos, dad of two

“We schedule date night weeks in advance with a babysitter to ensure that they happen. It also gives us something to look forward to. We also plan fun things as a family. We try to avoid just watching TV together because we don't talk or connect … But video games or board games get us laughing and having fun together.” — Megan Cassidy, mom of three

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“The one thing we've added into the mix is coffee dates in the AM on our deck when it's nice out. It gives us time to set the stage for the day, mill over our plans, or problem solve, and sometimes it just nice to sit together without kids or other distractions.”

— Nicole Hempeck, mom of three, Moments that Define Life

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“Support each other's discipline strategies or be on the same page with discipline. Never let arguments escalate in front of the kids, even if you agree to disagree. Also, all decisions about kids need to be taken together.”

— Nicole Maroudi, mom of one

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“Never leave the house without a kiss goodbye and an ‘I love you.' Also, cook together!”

— Alithza Martinez

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“Looking one another in the eyes and making sure you truly connect every day!”

— Amber Pelky, mom of one

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“We have the children go play and spend the first 15 minutes with each other as soon as my husband gets home from work.”

— Hanan Webster, Eat, Parent, Craft, mom of four

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“Making time for yourselves — date nights out/date nights at home; putting away the cell phones/tablets for a night to watch a movie; finding little moments throughout your time at home to tell someone you love them. Also the little things: a candy bar for your spouse when you stop to get gas, a note on the mirror, or a random text throughout the day.”

— Shaun Covielle McGahey, mom of one

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How do you keep your relationship healthy?

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10 Tips to Maintain A Healthy Marriage During Your Baby’s First Year of Life

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