10 Thoughts a Parent Has While Waiting for their Newborn to Sleep

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Sleep is one of the first things that you have to adjust when you become a parent. Not only are you now going to get a whole lot less of it because your newborn needs you throughout the night, but you're going to have to adjust your whole idea of bedtime.

My children have never really been great sleepers. My boys in particular always have taken forever to just fall asleep, and during the newborn phase, while I was trying to get used to the sleep deprivation all over again, I had a lot of common thoughts running through my head while I waited for them to close their eyes.

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If you're a parent, you can probably relate to these 10 phrases of internal, and sometimes external, dialogue I had each night while waiting for my newborn son to finally fall asleep.


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“He's totally going to sleep soon.”

I can see the clock ticking away, and I swear he's bound to fall asleep soon.


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“I am going to get so much done tonight.”

The moment I get delusions that I am going to have free time when he falls asleep.

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“Well, this is taking longer than I thought.”

The doubt that he will starts to creep in.


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“Surely he's going to fall asleep soon.”

It's that phase where you lie to yourself to make it a little easier.


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“Why doesn't this kid ever sleep?”

Well, now this is just crazy.

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“OK, what am I doing wrong?”

Doubt over parenting abilities starts to sound off. Other people make it all seem so much easier.


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“For real, go to sleep.”

It's been hours, baby … Hours! I love sleep so much, so it's hard to understand why a little baby can't seem to get down with it.


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“I am going to die I am so tired.”

It's like a legitimate physical pain from the lack of sleep.


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“I am never going to sleep again.”

Wondering now why the baby is broken and how life is going to be as a severely sleep-deprived person.

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“Oh, thank you — he's finally asleep. … But for how long?”

His eyes start to close, slowly, and the beautiful silence fills up the room. But look how cute he is. You have to stop and watch him breathe now. The most perfect baby ever.

What are some of the things you have thought each night while waiting for your newborn to fall asleep? Share in the comments!

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10 Thoughts a Parent Has While Waiting for their Newborn to Sleep

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