10 Things to Love About Your Parents as Grandparents

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I grew up a few streets away from my grandparents.

I saw them plenty, but I can't really say we were super close. But I appreciate that I got the opportunity to get to know them well, and I know they were always around for my parents in a pinch.

The Dudes are lucky to have some of the most awesomest grandparents on the planet, and I'm not just saying that because they gave birth to me and are willing to watch my children when the hubs and I want to go eat grown-up food without kids whining about the lack of mac n' cheese on the menu.

OK, I totally am.

But having grandparents around that love and spend time with you and your children is awesome for so many other reasons, too.

10 Things to Love About Your Parents as Grandparents

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1. They are well rested. They get to sleep all night and take naps on Sunday afternoon, so when they watch your kids, they are all energetic and stuff … or they doze off.

And for some reason, your kids just know not to burn their house down.

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2. Sometimes they are hard of hearing, so they don't notice as much how obnoxiously loud your kids are. 

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3. They teach your kids old-school stuff you want them to learn but don't know how to do yourself.

Like fixing cars, and making jam, and gardening, and stuff.

I don't know why they didn't teach ME that stuff. Although, I'm willing to admit that there is a remote possibility that they attempted to and I ignored them like the semi-rebellious child I sorta-kinda remember being.

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4. They don't make you pay for babysitting.

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5. Even when they're being judgy, they're supportive … and relatively easy to ignore. 

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6. They are used to you NOT doing what they say — or only doing what they say after giving the exact opposite a fighting chance and then pretending that you thought of their idea all on your own.

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7. They don't care if you brag about your kids. In fact, they like it, and if left to their own devices, they can probably even do a better job of it than you can.

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8. They don't mind helping out. Like, if your stove is hideous on the inside, or you have four baskets of waiting-to-be-folded clothing sitting in your family room, or you've got a lawn that is just begging to be mowed, they'll do it — even if you don't ask them to. 

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Just because they KNOW it will help you.

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9. They can be the “Good Cop.” No questions asked. Sometimes you want to let your kids have dessert before dinner (mostly so YOU can have dessert before dinner). But lots of times, you can't because you've told them eleven billionty times about how come there is no eating dessert before dinner.

Give Grandma the side eye and let her do it. She wants to, and your kids expect her to anyway, so let it happen. And then sit back and eat the mess outta your dessert-before-dinner guilt free.

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10. They love your kids just as much as they love you. Maybe even more.

Do your kids get to spend time with their grandparents?

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10 Things to Love About Your Parents as Grandparents

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Both mine and my husband’s parents live about a 5 minute drive from us and both are super excited to finally have a grandchild to spoil. It’s a comfort to know that our family’s have our back and are going to take such great care of our daughter whenever they see her.


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